Wholesale Jewelry Trends Spring 2008

March 2008

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The winter that seemed it would never end is gone, Easter came early, and now it is time for spring. So get excited because spring is full wonderful surprises-biggest of all is the return of truly bright colors. Let's look at the trends in wholesale jewelry and accessories that will be important for spring and summer.

Michael Gietl

bright color jewelry Fashion Jewelry In Style This Season

The big surprise that's creating excitement is the bright colors in fashion jewelry this summer. We're talking apple green, yellow, orange, bright fuchsia and turquoise. Of course toned down colors are also in the palette plus naturals to go with the rain forest, safari, and tribal prints of this season's apparel. But brights are making the shocking change that will add fun to fashion jewelry and accessories this season and you will find them in several categories.

First costume jewelry uses painted woods, dyed shell, and the return of lucite to deliver bold designs in shocking colors (see Costume Jewelry Trends Spring 2008 for complete report). Already vivid colors are making a splash on the pages of fashion magazines and the color goes beyond costume jewelry to all accessories including hats, bags, belts, and shoes. Even low key naturals in apparel share in the trend with the addition of bright accessories. We feel this is the most important new trend of the season and the images on the left will show you brights in several categories.

turquoise jewelry for spring Classic Trends Continue in Jewelry & Accessories

The upscale momentum of fashion jewelry continues to blur the lines of jewelry categories. Inspiration for this results from the classic forties and fifties influencing designers and lady-like silhouettes continuing to grace the runways. This leads to fashion jewelry with classic looks that include natural components and manmade art. Gemstones lead in this category with turquoise being the big winner this season. But the array of color in semi precious stone compliments numerous other colors on the spring palette (see Color Trends Spring 2008 for the palette). These gemstone creations are gracing the fine department store showcases and pages of leading fashion magazines, so expect this trend to continue in a big way.

Even more color radiates from Murano style glass that also shows no signs of weakening. New designs deliver more shocking beauty appealing to our sense for art. Necklace sets and bracelets alike make a gorgeous statement with this fashion jewelry that rivets attention. The beautiful craftsmanship delivers both bold and more delicate designs with appeal that leaves no one out. Designs can accessorize brights as well as earth tones with the wide range of colors. sheer beauty keeps this exciting fashion jewelry on the trend list for spring and summer.

silver plated jewelry Silver Plating Leads Summer Jewelry Trends

Costume jewelry this summer will see endless styles of long swinging chains with charms, geometrics with pear-shapes and ovals replacing last season's circles, and tribal looks to coordinate with prints in apparel. Metal jewelry also provides engraved pendants and bracelets that carry meaningful messages and tailored designs that imitate fine jewelry. The popular plating will be silver with a coolness that is always a summer favorite. But this season there is also a silver story in apparel that calls for coordinating jewelry plus the sky rocketing price of gold that is making gold plating more expensive. Putting it all together, we can expect jewelry in silver plating to be the rage this summer.

There is plenty of excitement in costume jewelry and accessories for the summer season, but some wonder which way is the market is going? The editor of Fashion Accessories, Mary McGarry, is a well informed authority on the accessory industry. Recently she reported major retailers see the accessory business as white hot and many are dedicating more floor space to accessories because sales analysis shows this is moving up as the major fashion category. So pick wholesale jewelry and accessories to suit your clientele and keep them in style and you should enjoy brisk summer sales.

The last newsletter focused on hat trends for spring and summer and statistics show a sharp increase in hat sales this spring, so if this is a category you haven't included, give it some thought this year. Our next newsletter focuses on the amazing summer items that sell year after years. Email us at promos@awnol.com if you have any feedback or insights to share.

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Wholesale Jewelry Trends Spring 2008

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