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With spring fast approaching, hat business is about to boom. This year we need to get ready in a hurry because the biggest day for hats, Easter, comes very early. Yes, Easter is on March 24th, less than a month away. To help you prepare for the early season, all the new styles are on line and the Spring Hat Trend Report is ready. So let's get started.

Michael Gietl
Stunning Ladies Dress Hat
Ladies Spring Dress Hats
New Colors and Designs in Women's Dressy Hats

Not only hats, but all fashion is going to enjoy a refreshing expression of color this season. This summer offers an abundance of colors including naturals, pastels, and brights. But it's those bright colors like orange, yellow, and apple green that are causing excitement. You will see these colors throughout summer apparel and accessories, but now we are going to see how they take on an elegant look in ladies dress hats.

New trends and styles accompany the new colors. These styles do not replace the traditional designs in dress hats and church hats, but sell along with them. (See detailed information in the Hat Trends Report.) New for the season is emphasis on wide brims, even super wide brims-a stir created by the fabulous looks of leading designers like Ralph Lauren in the spring preview fashion shows. In addition, traditional ladies dress hats, rendered in polypropylene, will see simplification of trim for a clean, sophisticated look in line with classics remembered from the fifties and sixties-the timeless hats of the silver screen.

A third movement in dress hats for spring began almost a year ago when Queen Elizabeth graced the US and Kentucky Derby with a visit. News reports showed the Queen at state functions and at the derby dressed in elegant suits, each with a matching sinamay hat. No one doubts that the British know how to wear a hat. The impact of this visit has caused the use of sinamay in dress hats to boom. So this season expect increased demand for sinamay hats with modern styling of high angled crowns as well as traditional low rounded crowns. Trims will range from masterful arrangement of feathers to elegant satin. Put color together with these new sinamay designs and you have excitement for this season's church hats.

Ladies Swinger Hat
Casual Hats
Runways and Celebrities Set the Pace

All the buzz about hats that has been flying under the radar the last few years busts out into the open this spring. Yes, almost every report about the Spring New York Fashion Week had to mention the strong presence of hats. More impact comes from celebrities that appear in increasing numbers donning a hat. Put this together with the media and internet and expect a sharp rise in hat sales.

The darling of the runways was wide brims-from casual floppy wide brims to elegant super wide brims. Even before the spring fashion previews, these sassy hats enjoyed popularity. It takes no daring to wear these hats because they fit and look so natural and always flatter the one wearing them. Besides, what provides better sun protection in the summer than these hats? Widebrims are a must in your
casual hat selection this summer.

Next, what are the stars wearing? Celebrity watchers know that four hat styles comprise nearly all the hats worn by the stars. The first three we will cover here- fedoras, newsboys, and ivy caps. Fedoras seem to be a celebrity favorite. No wonder with the way these hats flatter a look. Guys and gals alike are wearing fedoras in straws, felts, cotton, and wool. Stingy brims and wider snap brims are both popping up on celebrity heads. This will certainly stir interest in these hats this season, but fedoras take a certain flair to make them look good plus they take some courage. So fedoras won't be everyone's choice, but a hat too important to leave out.

Newsboys and ivy caps, on the other hand, are as easy to wear as a ball cap. Celebrities show how stunning these hats can look and nearly any way you put them on, they are flattering. Especially the junior market finds these hats appealing because the stars they follow are wearing them. Include newsboys as well as ivy caps if your business attracts a younger clientele.

Cowboy Hats
Cowboy Hats
The Clear Winner Again This Season

Surfing the internet for hat fashion trends shows that some fashion forecasters have counted out cowboy hats for the summer season. One site had cowboy hats on their "out" list while the next site showed a recent picture of Jessica Simpson wearing one. Our feeling is cowboy hats will not only be a factor this summer, but the leading hat seller when we check statistics at the end of the season. Early orders are already showing this prediction to be true.

Only the ball cap is easier to wear than a cowboy hat. Guys and gals alike are comfortable with cowboy hats that add instant style and personality by just putting them on. This season sees the addition of more color, both solid and shaded, as well as more beaded western bands that give the hats attitude.

Distressed cowboy hats will remain the leading draw with a bigger share going to small retailers as discounters and majors that overbought last season reduce or eliminate their inventory. After distressed comes natural and colors with black and white selling best. Red for red hatters and pink for a variety of reasons also do very well. In addition, this season's fashion trends will boost other bright colors like orange, apple green, turquoise, and fuchsia. Capitalize on cowboy hats this season as demand continues and competition diminishes.

Next Newsletter: Spring Fashion Jewelry Trends

For most retailers spring is a wonderful time with event after event. For us it is a hectic time as we prepare inventory, newsletters, and trends information so you can capitalize on the line up of buying demands. So far we have covered formal accessories for prom, bridal, and pageant as well as spring hats. Next newsletter gives the important trends in fashion jewelry and accessories that will impact sales over the next few months. Good luck on a prosperous spring and give us feedback if you have any questions.

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