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February 2008

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Mardi Gras Day has come and gone and that signals Easter is 47 days away. It also means formal jewelry will be more important than ever over the next several weeks. Prom, bridal, pageant, and dance competition are only of the few occasions calling for elegant rhinestone, bridal jewelry, and tiaras as well as formal gloves and evening bags. Let's cover the wholesale jewelry and accessories that you will need to benefit from this bonanza before we move on to hats and spring fashion, which we will cover in the next few weeks.

Michael Gietl
Rhinestone Jewelry
Wholesale Jewelry for Prom
The Big Event for Formal Jewelry

First let's look at prom jewelry because this comes fast and furious with plenty of retail opportunities that won't return for another year. There's no dominant trend in prom colors. Black and white always see demand with every imaginable bright and pastel color following. So how do you prepare with a wholesale jewelry selection? Begin with rhinestone jewelry sets in dainty designs that please the prom girls. Clear rhinestones in silver plating easily accessorize nearly any color. Gold plating plays a smaller role, but a necessary one for certain color matches and dresses with gold trims. Use clear rhinestone with colored stone highlights for color matching. Solid color rhinestones lack life, but clear rhinestones dance with sparkle and the color highlights provide the match.

Still some prom girls want a closer color match for dresses. Crystal jewelry covers the color spectrum to fill this need. But having every color takes a hefty budget, so add a few basics like black, clear, red, pink, blue, green, and purple. Then use iridescent crystals because they pick up nearly any color around it. Just like rhinestone, delicate crystal jewelry is best.

Not every dress calls for a necklace, especially prom dresses that already have glitzy trim. Earrings are the accessory for these gowns. Both rhinestone and crystal earrings find popularity with the prom girls. Linear drops are especially hot. When accessorizing with earrings alone, dramatic size works. So in rhinestone earrings, longer and fuller designs outperform delicate looks. Prepare early for this lucrative market because prom only comes once a year.

Bridal Jewelry
Bridal Jewelry
Wedding Jewelry & Accessories for Year Round Business

Don't wait for June brides for this market because it is hot now and never ends. Spring is especially strong for wedding sales so stock the right wholesale jewelry and accessories, and then word of mouth can start the snowball rolling.

A glance through wedding magazines shows some extreme looks that include color in bridal dresses, especially in sashes. Claret (a deep shade of red) is perhaps the most popular color added to white or ivory. Use rhinestone with red highlights to pick this color up in
bridal jewelry.

Some brides will prefer contemporary looks, but most choose the timeless appeal of traditional bridal jewelry. After all, this is the biggest day in a girl's life and wedding pictures will capture the moment for generations to come. Traditional faux pearl or rhinestone designs graces the necks of brides for timeless beauty that is tasteful today and generations later. Rhinestone is the leading choice with delicate designs in collars, chokers, Y necklaces, and V shapes. Clear rhinestones in silver plating lead sales. Rhinestone sets with pearl highlights like BLP335 remain in demand year after year.

Colors are important for bridesmaid dresses. Both rhinestone jewelry and crystal can provide elegant matches. Softer colors find greater popularity in spring and summer. This spring will see yellow and cantaloupe big in the fashion palette so expect these colors to influence bridesmaid colors. Clear rhinestones provide matches for nearly any color and certainly rank in first place for bridesmaid jewelry. But adding some color with rhinestone highlights or crystal jewelry provides excitement to your selection that can give you the edge over competition.

Finally, the items that are hard to find include flower girl jewelry, formal gloves, evening bags, and bridal tiaras. These are the items that make you the go-to source because selection in most areas is skimpy. Give your bridal customers some choices in these necessities and they have to come to you.

Pageant Rhinestone Earrings
Pageant & Ball Jewelry
Sparkle Under the Lights with Lavish Rhinestone Jewelry

The spring offers peak opportunities for glamorous rhinestone jewelry. Pageant leads the way with dramatic size that makes a statement. A look at the best known pageants (Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe) sees a recent trend towards dramatic rhinestone earrings and bare necks. But the pageant trail to the top starts with smaller pageants that sparkle with rhinestone chokers, collars, bibs, and cascades.

Rhinestone pins and brooches are also important for pageant. The pins serve as favors that are worn on the sash. Crown pins are especially important as well as pins that identify with a contestant's home area.

The most important pageant jewelry is crowns and tiaras. With all age groups involved in pageant, all sizes work. But stocking tiaras attracts a much larger market that includes bridal and prom. The demand for elegant tiaras in a low profile for bridal is far greater than most retailers imagine. Concentrate on rhinestone tiaras in silver plated settings and include a few specialty tiaras for quinceaneras and sweet sixteens.

The nest several weeks are golden opportunities for retailers with the right wholesale jewelry and accessories. Our own figures show March as the biggest month of 2007, so take advantage of the opportunities that can get your year started on a profitable note.

Next Newsletter: Spring Hats

So much happens in the spring that we have to include an extra newsletter to cover the highlights. The next newsletter will be in two weeks, covering spring hats for Easter and casual wear. Along with formal jewelry, hat sales are coming into the peak season of the year. So hang on because the next few months are a fast ride.

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