Happy Holidays! New Years 2008 Fashion Glitz
December 2007

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas sales occupy the busy schedule of retailers in the hectic shopping spree of December. Still New Years follows on the heels with little time to prepare. So this newsletter realizes you need to cut to the chase in as few words as possible. With no time to waste, here are the accessories that you need now for successful post Christmas Holiday sales:

  • Rhinestone Jewelry
  • Crystal Jewelry
  • Evening Bags

Michael Gietl
Rhinestone Necklace Sets
Rhinestone Jewelry - The Holiday Favorite
Sparkly Accessories for Cocktail and Formal Wear

Lavish works for New Year's Eve with so many parties to attend. Now is the time to include dramatic rhinestone jewelry in collars, bibs, and cascades. Sell through is not imperative with Mardi Gras balls and pageants following right behind New Year's Eve. Clear rhinestones in silver plating dominate with their glamorous sparkle, but designer's continued push towards gold means this metallic color will be popping up in evening wear. Add a sprinkling of gold plated settings.

Colors to include are black and red. Use rhinestone jewelry for clear stones and colored highlight stones to provide the colors with abundant sparkle. Black never fails for New Year's Eve and red is not only a perennial holiday color, but top on the season's fashion color palette this year.

Not all personalities are comfortable with the extravagant. Likewise, holiday wear that is already glitzed with sparkle finds lavish rhinestone to be an overstatement. So simplicity must play a part in a rhinestone selection that has universal appeal. Two and three row chokers, Y necklaces, and refined close- to-the-neck styles sell for the holidays and continue all year long. Balance your rhinestone selection with size, colors, and platings to maximize sales.

Vintage Crystal Necklace Set
Crystal Jewelry - The Sophisticated Sparkle
Color and Charm with Crystal Necklace Sets

The thought of crystal jewelry rings in the imagination with beaded necklace sets. Certainly this is a major player that matches color with sophisticated glimmer and style. Remaining stock in this classy jewelry is no problem for retailers because crystal jewelry is a favorite choice for bridesmaids - a market that continues all year long. Get the colors you need to compliment party dresses with the classy glimmer of beaded crystal necklace sets.

Beyond beading, there's another face of crystal jewelry that adds exceptional elegance to holiday wear - vintage inspired jewelry. These designs reach back to the elegant past for subtle sparkle in antiqued plating that raises the bar on sophistication. Again not for everyone. The dress dictates the appropriate accessories to complete a look and customers depend on you as the accessory expert. Apparel with simplicity, ruffles, or lace provides opportunities for this return to the elegant past, while contemporary designs don't fit.

Make accessories tell a story with a complete look and your customers will marvel at your genius. Include some vintage style crystal jewelry for al the New Year's Eve wear inspired by a look back, so prevalent in current classic trends.

Next Newsletter: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras comes quick, only five weeks after New Years so early preparation is important. Many will be surprised to find this fast spreading celebration popping up close to their communities. With it come new opportunities to build post Christmas sales. Also masks are on a definite rise with a sharp increase in masquerade events. Next newsletter opens surprising new avenues for building sales in 2008.

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Happy Holidays! New Years 2008 Fashion Glitz

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