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November 2007

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Christmas is the huge shopping bonanza that provides profits to help business survive the slow times. Sure, in the fashion industry, we are not selling diamonds, computers, and plasma TVs. But there's another level of Christmas shopping that requires smaller gifts with unique meaning. The go-to place for this level is you-the specialty shop.

Think about it! What about all the smaller gifts for teachers, co-workers, gift exchanges, stocking-stuffers, and the little extra to go with the plasma TV. This is a huge market. Large corporations lack the personal touch you can give a local community. So let's play to your strength. Let's look at why you're special.

Michael Gietl
Appealing to the Heart with Themes
Theme Jewelry & Accessories-The Thoughtful Gift

Read this idea last year? You're right, but the strength of themes is too important to ignore. You know the interests of your customers to a tee-giant corporations with buyers hundreds of miles away don't have a clue. So let's capitalize on your strength.

Especially in Small Town USA the biggest interest is often the local high school-mainly the local high school sports. You have a mascot and school colors plus students, parents, and fans that live and die for the team. Be the one to feed their passion.

How do you do it? On our site use the search to locate your mascot. Next search for "school colors". If the returns don't fill your needs, call and ask for Mike. That's me and I'm interested in your success. I'll do what I can to help.

Themes go beyond school spirit. What about Grandma that loves her dog, a daughter in ballet, Mom's involvement in the breast cancer awareness movement, and Dad that breathes football? Then there are themes for occupations like nurses, doctors, teachers, and policemen. All of these are themes and there's something special for each - pins, ties, earrings, keychains, pendants, and charm bracelets. Need more ideas? This month we made a list of 20 Good Christmas Gift Ideas. Browse the list and let it spark your imagination. You may come up with a winner that's not even on the list.

Tigers Eye Jasper Necklace Set
The Hot Fashion Item for Christmas
The Must-Have Accessory that Buyers Die For

More often than not, a hot Christmas item develops in fashion accessories-something buyers frantically look for. Remember these?

  • Initial jewelry & accessories-2003
  • Crystal brooches-2004
  • Sequin bags-2005
  • Fleur-de-Lis in Louisiana and, to a lesser degree, classic jewelry in the rest of the US-2006
The experts are very quiet about the hot fashion item for 2007, so I'm sticking my neck out and saying it is the classic necklace set. Fleur-de Lis jewelry and accessories will have another great run in Louisiana this Christmas, but the item that is shipping like crazy to the rest of the US is classic necklace sets- especially
gemstone, Murano style glass, and high fashion jewelry. Bracelets are very good, but they don't equal necklace sets this season. This information is based strictly on experience. Searching fashion forecasters and analysts, I can't find a single report that reflects what is really going on, but our own experience shows this to be Christmas 2007's key fashion item.

What should you do? If your experience is the same as ours, stock now for Christmas. If you haven't tried classic necklace sets, proceed with caution and test your market. Our inventory is deep and new items are always coming in, so you can always go deeper without worrying about being too late. If you tried classic necklace sets and your area didn't respond favorably, don't buy more. First email me and tell me your experience because I haven't heard this from any customers yet. Then go to the Christmas Gift Idea page and let it ignite your creativity to find the item that will make a successful Christmas for you. It's not important that you buy it from us, it's important that you succeed. Still puzzled and need help? Call and throw me the problem and I will use our 25 years experience in the wholesale jewelry industry to try and find your answer.

Everything, yes everything in the fashion scene this year is influenced by classic looks. That makes classic jewelry exceptionally strong this Christmas. It will be a success story for many retailers this Christmas, but it's not the last hurrah. Our figures show the biggest months come between January and April year after year. So there's plenty to look forward to.

Next Newsletter: Holiday Jewelry & Accessories
Plus What's New for Holiday Season

Putting on the glitz for New Years provides little adjustment time after Christmas so preparing early is important. Next newsletter will explore the latest in Holiday jewelry and accessories. Get excited because it's event after event for the next few months.

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Christmas 2007 Hot Fashion Sellers

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