Fall Jewelry Trends 2007
September 2007

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Heat's subsiding, kids are in school, and a new season of fashion begins. Fashion jewelry and accessories remain strong for retailers that have the right items. But what are the right items? To answer that we have diligently studied forecasting reports, fashion magazines, and taken an in-depth look at what manufacturers are preparing for the fall season. There are some new wrinkles in this season's trends so let's get started with fashion jewelry.

Michael Gietl
bild turquoise set
Fall Fashion Jewelry Trends
Bold Jewelry Dominates

Statement pieces are the glaring trend in fall fashion jewelry. Yes, bold is definitely "in" no matter whether it is bracelets, earrings, or necklace sets. But it is necklace sets that outperform everything in costume jewelry this season. Retail veterans may remember the last time necklace sets were so dominant was the 1980s. It was a good time to be in the jewelry business because this higher dollar item really rang the cash register. Sets are back in a major way with chunky chokers to waist long layers all in style. Beading is important and classic components are best here.

Classic looks in fashion jewelry continue and even grows in the fall season. This is not only the trend, but a safe investment because the beauty of crystals, gemstone, Murano style glass, and freshwater pearls will always have a spot in the marketplace even when the trend slows. This important statement is entering its third year. Think of the return to waist lines and silhouettes in apparel, then carry the classic look into accessories-the kind of accessories with intrinsic beauty to please the taste of both mom and daughter alike. This is what you get when design and components come together for classic jewelry. Popular as this look is, there is far more variety to choose from this fall.

Apparel themes stir the imagination of designers to provide complimenting accessories. Extravagant regal courts of the Renaissance inspire the Empire theme of fall clothing. Heavy chain, bold round pendants, large crystal brooches, and the "luxe" jewelry of over-sized faux stones set in bracelets and necklaces accessorize this lavish look. Antique platings are popular here, but gold plating and silver plating also abound. While gold adds richness and high fashion impact, silver remains the consumer's choice and will develop into a major theme for spring.

The Fall Fashion Jewelry Report provides more details than we can cover here, but another important trend needs to be mentioned. Catastrophes of recent years are bringing a sense of caring to society and jewelry with a message is seeing a sudden increase. Already showing up in fashion magazines are bracelets, chokers, and pendants with engraved words of hope, inspiration, and friendship. Religious messages are among the most popular. Expect a demand for plated jewelry carrying engraved messages this fall.

bold red necklace set
Fall Fashion Colors
Good News for Fashion Jewelry Retailers

Color is important and red is the outstanding color of the season. See the color report for the season's palette and suggestions on coordinating jewelry. Notice that this is not the somber palette of last season. No, it's exciting colors a shade away from summer brights. Why is this good news for fashion jewelry retailers? Because when color and dramatic size are hot, costume jewelry thrives. Like the stock market, history repeats itself but never in the same way. This time around consumers want color and dramatic size with quality and the classic looks highlighted above gives you the perfect combination that will build brisk business. Stock the colors and bold looks that will make you the "go to" source for the latest fashion trends, but remember this is the trend and not everything.

.Many customers are not comfortable with bold size. Smaller sized jewelry always has a place for tasteful elegance and can be worn in multiples to make a statement. In addition theme jewelry appeals to the heart and cares less about what appears on the runway. So round out your jewelry selection for fall and expand your market.

school mascot
Mascot & School Color Jewelry
The Once a Year Opportunity

When leaves begin to fall, it's football season. This is when interest peaks in school spirit jewelry. Don't miss this opportunity that won't return until next September. The wonderful thing about the school market is retailers capture sales with custom local themes while it builds their image as an active member of the community. Another plus is price consciousness melts away when it comes to supporting the team. The big question is how do you build a selection for a local school?

Mainly it boils down to mascots and school colors. On our site use the search. Type in the mascot name using the singular. It returns more entries than the plural. Next type in school colors. You should get some results to help you build your custom school line. One more idea is to go to "loose beads" and search for your school colors. Then add them to chokers (under fashion jewelry>fashion jewelry chokers). Make it more meaningful by spacing in the letter beads of you r school initials or adding a mascot pendant in the center. If all this fails to return items to build your custom school line, call and ask for Mike and I will do my best to help you. Retailers, especially in college locations, have built a thriving business on this one idea.

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A major update on our website caused us to miss the August newsletter so another newsletter will come soon continuing the fashion trends important for fall. The good news is the update will dramatically speed up the site, saving you time. Plus now you can use a login to eliminate retyping shipping information. More good news is most businesses have their slow months behind them and can look forward to the best six months of the year. To help make it a success, we are working hard getting over 500 new items on the site for the fall season. So get ready for brisk business.
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Fall Jewelry Trends 2007

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