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July 2007

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Blistering heats spikes sales for beach locations and many other tourist destination as well as outdoor events. For the rest of us, it's roll up our sleeves, muster up creativity, and work to keep the cash register ringing in the tough month of July. First, we need the right items. So what leads the pack this summer?

Sales analysis from Accessory Wholesale shows it's wholesale jewelry followed by hats. Fine, but is that universal? To answer that we used Wordtracker to see what businesses were searching for on the internet. Testing several wholesale terms in fashion accessories resulted in 216 returns with guess what--wholesale jewelry and hats on top. So enough with the statistics, let's look at the items.

Michael Gietl
candy jade necklace set
Wholesale Jewelry for Summer 2007
Fashion's New Look in Jewelry

The necklace and earrings set has suddenly become the most important item in jewelry that spent several seasons dominated by bracelets and earrings. But any necklace set won't do--now it's the stunning beauty of classic looks. Glass jewelry (especially Murano style glass), freshwater pearls, high fashion with ceramics and metals are all players. But gemstone jewelry is the runaway leader. No wonder when the beauty of rose quartz, carnelian, tiger's eye, and aventurine can be bought at the price of costume jewelry. Gemstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets provide natural beauty with intrinsic value, but another category elevates it to the fashion arena--gemstone fashion jewelry. Here designers work gemstone into fashion designs, combining with crystal, glass, and metal components. This is the great stuff showing up in fashion magazines and fine department store showcases. Turquoise and coral are accessorizing denims, Caribbean brights, and light naturals. Banded agate provides black and white combinations for nauticals. Every color you need has a gemstone to deliver it.

No doubt, gemstone jewelry is beautiful and will captivate your customer, but for many it is an entirely new and confusing field. How do you identify the stone? Is it real or not? How can turquoise be this affordable? To answer these questions we have put an identification page together focused on you, the retailer. Explanations are simple and designed to help you identify the gemstones and tell the story to your customers that will instill confidence and build sales. This is a work in progress and we will enter as many gemstones as possible before the newsletter goes out, with more coming in the future.

Now back to the gemstone jewelry. Shows previewing fall jewelry continue the gorgeous trend. So expect gemstone jewelry to be a big player for quite some time.

summer hats
Summer--The Peak Season for Casual Hats
Cowboy Hats and Wide Brims Dominate

While many categories slow in the heat of the summer, casual hats reach their peak. Demand for both men and women's hats are high, but the popularity flies under the radar. Consider this a blessing because the majors carry a smattering of hats, but if they realized all the demand, they would take a bigger share of our market. Hats are both utilitarian and fashion. First, they provide shade in the heat and block direct sun rays attributed to skin cancer. Think of all the outdoor workers and vacationers that find hats essential. But fashion no doubt sells more hats than need. This season the fashion look centers on cowboy hats and widebrims. Yes, fedoras, newsboys, cabbies, kettles, and riding hats are fashionable styles that sell. But more than seventy percent of the market goes to western hats and wide brims.

Cowboy hats continue to evolve with fashion colors, beaded bands, and glitz that adds pizzazz with rhinestones, sequins, and embroidered patterns. The rugged look of distressed straw with rolled brim remains on top. But don't sell color short that provides a close second. With rolled western looks in their fourth strong season, buyers feel more comfortable with donning this accessory. Music and movie celebrities alike, lead the way showing up everywhere in rolled cowboy hats. No surprise because what can add more personality or individualism to a look than this icon of the wild west?

Widebrim ladies hats are the rising star this summer--both natural straw and colors. Search through the category and find wide brim raffias, braid-and-sewn straws with flat crowns or the elegant "Gone with the Wind" look, plus colors galore. Jump on this stylish hat found on the runways, in fashion magazines, and sported by the celebrities. Here's an elegant fashion statement that was practically missed by the majors. It's stylish headwear that most women feel comfortable wearing, as well as practical sun protection. Fashion previews show the look continuing through next summer with even wider brims. Casual hats smooth out some of the mid-summer bumps in our business. Make a statement with hats so you are the "go-to" source. Time and word-of-mouth will take care of the rest. There's not much competition for a nice hat selection.

Next Newsletter: Back-to-School & Fall Preview
Next newsletter comes in August when its' back-to- school and end of summer. Focus will be on catching the local school spirit business and the first previews for fall. Keep up the good fight because after the August hump, barring any hurricanes down here in New Orleans, it's smooth sailing with brisk business for nine months.
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Top Fashion Accessories for July

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