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April 2007

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Here comes June that means boom times for the tourist industry and, unfortunately, slump time for many other fashion business. Well, that won't do, because the goal of this newsletter is to give our readers twelve good months to equal a good year. So let's examine what's selling. June brings June brides, outdoor events, and summer vacations. So what are the things they need as well as the items they can't resist?

Michael Gietl
Rhinestone collar
Jewelry & Accessories for June Brides
Celebrity Influence on Bridal

Of course bridal doesn't fit the image of every reader's shop, but if it fit yours, you may already realize that "June brides" is a misnomer because the bridal business is like that pink bunny that goes on and on and on. Yes, this is a year round business and some statistics help define this changing market. First, couples are postponing marriage, causing the average age to move up. This reflects in weddings thought out with more maturity and also more capital to spend. Second, anyone that watches TV or goes through the check out line at a grocery store is struck by the tabloids and entertainment programs focused on celebrities--particularly the extravagant weddings of the stars. All of this is driving more money into super weddings that will make the head spin.

What does this mean to bridal planners? Broaden the options. First in wedding day jewelry--simple designs with tasteful elegance still sell the best, especially in summer. But brides seeking the star- struck look of elaborate rhinestone usually find selection is very thin. If you think lavish bridal jewelry is outlandish, glance through a bridal magazine like In Style Weddings and you will see pages of gowns accessorized with bold jewelry. Bridal jewelry that sells best usually fits close to the neck, so think Edwardian collars, lavish rhinestone chokers, and vintage chokers with swag designs for celebrity looks. But don't tie up a bankroll in lavish rhinestone because traditional simplicity still dominates. Our number one selling bridal set is BLP335, a simple rhinestone V with faux pearl drop. This needs to be the main focus of wedding day jewelry, but the inclusion of elaborate sets gives your customers an option they probably can't find at your competition.

Next, do the accessories--gloves, evening bags, tiaras, and wedding favor. This separate you from discounters only selling wedding day jewelry and bridal shops concentrating on gowns. If you have selection competition doesn't offer, the whole package may fall in your lap. Again, concentrate on the elegant simplicity, but don't ignore the extraordinary. For a few dollars more, you can offer bridal gloves with gorgeous embroidery, evening bags with rhinestone highlights, or a Princess Di tiara. Add to this some bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, such as sculptured pewter pens, and you are guaranteed to have selection with little or no competition. If they need you for one thing, you may get it all.

fashionable sunglasses
Sunglass Trends for 2007
Sunglasses Lead Fashion Accessories for Summer

Oversize sunglasses with bold plastic frames-they're all over every fashion magazine. Anything changed since last year? Yes, look closely. It's time to put away the retros because the Jackie O look and butterfly shapes of the 60's and 80's fade as bold plastic frames take on originality that is no longer rehashed sunglass history. Bold designs continue this season with decorated arms, transparent color, and contemporary lines. It's the "new bold" that stars are wearing, customers are seeking, and future retros will harken back to. Logos are big as well as dramatic plastic frames covered with a monolens. Move into 2007 with fresh looks that give the retros some rest.

Fortunately, not everything is bold this season because some faces and personalities are not comfortable with oversize. Stylish linear designs provide an alternative, as well as rimless and minimal frames. Every season seems to introduce a new catch word to describe the latest sunglass fashion and the term usually leaves most people scratching their head, wondering what it means. Last season it was "shields" and this year it is "silhouettes". Silhouette is actually a sunglass company that teamed with NASA to produce sunglasses with special coated lenses for greater eye protection. Like many industry leaders, their name often becomes a noun or verb (like zeroxing a copy). The word is now being commonly used to describe minimal frames with narrow arms. The look is an attractive alternative to bold designs dominating the season and may influence fashion design as we move into 2008.

Finally, there are aviators--the timeless sunglass for men and now popular (especially in oversize) for ladies also. Year after year, nothing outsells aviators in men's sunglasses. This year aviators with plastic frames are especially popular, but don't ignore those wire frames that have been popular since the 1940s

Add the sports look to your sunglass selection for the active customer and you have the variety of choices for appeal to all segments of the market. Sunglasses are not only needed accessories with high impulse sales, but also very good profit margin items. Take advantage of this fast selling seasonal accessory to pick up profits that pay the overhead when other items may dip in the heat of summer.

Next Newsletter: Proven Wholesale Jewelry & Accessories for Summer Sales
Next newsletter looks at what sells in July--the toughest month for many retailers as summer heat effects business. But there are jewelry and accessories that prosper in July and I will cover the items that 25 years of statistics prove to be winners. July is a month away, so in June think customer's vacation needs, the impulse sale of sunglasses, and specialized needs of "June brides".
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