Fashion Trends: Summer 2007
April 2007

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Nationwide the majors are spotlighting bedding plants, barbeque grills, and baseball equipment. That means summer is near. For us, it means revamping fashion jewelry and accessories for a fresh and exciting season. Don't worry--we've been preparing for it all along because the classic look comes to full blossom this summer. Let's look at the latest in fashion trends.

Michael Gietl
gemstone necklace
Gemstone Jewelry Peaks with a Classic Look
Natural Beauty Builds Your Sales

Don't expect the classic look to go away. It's here for the spring and will be back for the fall. Nothing trumps gemstone for "go to" components. In Style magazine showed page after page of these sophisticated accessories in their February issue with more repeated in March. Expect gemstone to grow in stature as the Vincenzia Jewelry Show in Italy continues the trend with their previews.

We've done our homework and added dozens of new designs to the gemstone category to give you the competitive edge for the summer season. Find all the hues you need from nature to match the summer's color palette in brights and naturals. Check the fashion trend page for details on design and color.

Gemstone fashion jewelry leads the parade of style with designs incorporating semiprecious stone with crystals, glass beading, and the all-important circle shape. But don't ignore gemstone bracelets with dyed crystal quartz to give you accessories for the Caribbean brights plus sodalite, turquoise, and coral to go with the denims. Gemstone jewelry is too important to leave out this summer.

Murano style glass jewelry
Murano Style Glass Jewelry
New Excitement in Color

Elegance shapes this summer's fashion jewelry and the expensive look of "unique" takes the day. Beading is important, but plastic beading won't do. Look for quality styling with original design and rich components. Expensive looks can be affordable with advanced artwork in glass crystal and even more important, Murano style glass jewelry. Breath-taking beauty and all the color you need is captured here.

Month-by-month, the beauty of this glasswork advances to even more devastating designs. Again, we have been busy getting spring designs up that will leave your customers spell-bound with unparalleled beauty. This extraordinary art form uses everything from precious metal inclusions to ambivalent color to grab your customers' attention. Better yet, the color selection answers all your needs. Don't miss the big profit opportunity this fantastic look brings to your fashion accessories.

fashion necklace set
Necklace & Earring Sets
This Season's Important Fashion Accessory

Mid-size and long necklaces are very "in" from seniors to the juniors market. This season look for more chain spacing between beading and designs. Gold plating continues its rebound and lots of chain and metal parts lets it show off its warm color. Not everything is contemporary. Classic design has roots in history so retro looks are also big in fashion. Look for Victorian inspired in antiqued plating. Along with history comes values that are expressed in a resurgence of inspirational jewelry and caring designs like cancer awareness.

An even bigger theme is "back to the garden". Floral prints showed up in nearly every designer's line, starting with the earliest previews for spring. Flowers and everything associated with the garden finds expression in brooches, necklace sets, bracelets, and earrings. Brooches are especially big here, with blossoms, butterflies, bees, and dragon flies. Put it all together and you have the ingredients for a super summer in fashion accessories.

Next Newsletter: June Brides and Sunglass Fashion
The next newsletter covers two big markets at both ends of the fashion spectrum. On the elegant side, we will look at the latest development in bridal for June brides. Then going to sunglasses, we will cover the hot fashion trends in this important casual accessory. Both markets can pick up your profit margin for summer sales. Until then, surprise your customers with all the gorgeous classic designs in summer fashion jewelry.
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Fashion Trends: Summer 2007

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