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March 2007

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In South Louisiana we have our own problems and, fortunately, one of them is not snow. But for everyone north of us, the snow is melting, spring is coming, and we are entering one of the busiest seasons of the year. Everything will come at once with Easter hats, prom, spring accessories, bridal, and fresh designs in fashion jewelry for the spring and summer. Let's not forget casual hats, pageant, Mother's Day, and graduation that will be thrown into the mix. So, no time to waste, here's what is new in dressy and casual hats plus the jewelry we need for prom and bridal.

Michael Gietl
spring dress hat
Spring Dress Hats
Spring Dress Hats

Let's start with a big market that is entering its boom season--ladies spring dress hats. You will not be disappointed in the fresh designs this season-- neither will your customers. Veteran retailers know that the biggest volume in dressy hats is from now until Mother's Day, with Easter the biggest day of all. The biggest market is church hats. Dressy hats always have a classy look, but with classic designs dominating fashion trends, this season's millinery selection is even more elegant.

Polypropylene is the favorite choice for ladies dress hats and the new look of polypropylene weaved with lurex adds a metallic sparkle to headwear. Sinamay is also back for spring with creative new designs. While the new is exciting, the greatest stir is in the reinvention of classic looks from the past--cavaliers from early 20th century, lamp shades from the sixties, and elegant small brims we remember from classic movies. See Hat Trends: Spring 2007 for more detail. Stock your hat inventory now to catch the lion's share of this business. Don't worry about selling out by Mother's Day because the need goes through the summer and customers have a harder time finding retail sources later in the season.

distressed cowboy hat
Casual Hats
The Fashion Accessory that Heightens a Look

Casual hat demand has seen a steady rise over the last few seasons and strength of early spring sales indicate this will be a banner year. A range of hats are selling including up brims, jockey hats, newsboy, ball caps, and fedoras. The hat trends report gives the details, but in this newsletter we are going to concentrate on the two most important styles-cowboy hats and widebrims. The self-expression that shapeable cowboy hats deliver is a look that is just too good to go away. The hot number is distressed pinch front cowboy hats with shapeable brims (pictured above). As we enter the fourth year in the cowboy hat rage, a lot of majors and importers have caught on. So expect competition in the distressed look. What they haven't caught onto is that the second best market is in colored cowboy hats, especially black and white. Include these in your mix along with fashion colors because this good seller will have considerably less competition. Another hat area is ladies glitzy cowboy hats with rhinestone bands, sequin studding, weaved lurex, or sequin patterns. This is a fashion look that will see little competition. So put some variety in your selection to hedge your bet against strong competition in distressed pinch fronts.

The second hat item is colored wide brims, (pictured on the left). These hats took off with such a vengeance that we had to rush to get new designs up on the site while existing ones sold out. Colored widebrims have enjoyed excellent sales over the last few summers and finding inventory is difficult when we move into mid-summer. This is good news for you because you have a source and the supply and demand law will mean low competition in a high demand item. The best colors are white, nautical combinations, lime, fuchsia, turquoise, black, and ivory. Pink and red are also good for the red hatters. Actually, it's hard to think of any color that doesn't sell. Stock early while you have a pick of designs. Our inventory is deep, but some styles will catch on and go quickly.

heart rhinestone set
Prom and Bridal Jewelry
Spring: the Season of Elegance

If there is one thing that is certain in the unpredictable fashion industry, it is that every spring bridal and prom jewelry are going to be in huge demand. For many retailers this is a major pick up after the post- Christmas lull. Now is the time to start positioning for this annual boom. First, we'll cover prom. Rhinestone is the clear winner in prom jewelry. Simple designs with clear rhinestones in silver tone settings are the number one choice. But prom dresses have color, so close behind is rhinestone with color stone highlights. Simplicity of design is best. Save the lavish for pageant and balls. Crystal jewelry also offers the color advantage so don't ignore this option. New this season is crystals mixed with dyed freshwater pearls. This look is elegant with perceived value, but it carries a higher price tag. Since prom girls are usually on a budget, concentrate on rhinestone with simple elegance that retails under $20.00. Add some color to the mix for a nice selection and word-of-mouth will bring you brisk business in this lucrative market.

The good news is the jewelry you stock for prom is also excellent for bridal--clear or iridescent rhinestone for the bride and colored rhinestone to match bridesmaid dresses. Add some pearl sets and your bridal jewelry selection is complete. Rhinestone or pearl bracelets provide a nice add-on sale and bracelets are popular as bridesmaids' gifts. Offering evening bags, formal gloves, and tiaras with the jewelry can make you the accessory source and build the sale. Display bridal accessories together in one location of your store to make a statement. The wedding day is very special and brides want everything just right. Fulfilling the dream can be very difficult because many localities are woefully lacking in selections of evening bags, gloves, and tiaras. Offer adequate selection and wedding accessories will be the key to growing your bridal jewelry sales.

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