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December 2006

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New Murano Style Glass Jewelry

Holiday Chandelier Earrings
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Here come the holidays and all those customers that want to look their best. Good timing, because there are so many gorgeous designs evolving from the classic trend in fashion jewelry that it is more than we can cover in a newsletter. A year ago we had rhinestone and crystal jewelry. This year those looks are even more spectacular and we have glass crystal, Murano style glass jewelry, and freshwater pearls to go along with it – not to mention the addition of gemstone. The array of stunning jewelry has something for every customer this holiday season.

Michael Gietl
holiday rhinestone
Rhinestone Jewelry
Luxurious Sparkle for the Holiday

With all those gorgeous looks out there, rhinestone jewelry will still lead the pack. First we need to be aware of the fashion developments. When fall fashion hit the runways, gold evening gowns were all over the place. The "new black" was the rage. And, contrary to early forecasts, red developed as a hot color for the fall. So rhinestone in gold plating will be more important as well as rhinestone sets that include a splash of black or red. But experience tells us nothing is going to outdistance clear rhinestones in silver plated settings. This is the traditional look that never gets moved from top position.

So what do we do? Center around the traditional look in rhinestone with designs from lavish to simple. Add a touch of clear or iridescent rhinestones in gold plating. Add a few rhinestone sets with black or red highlights. And don't worry about selling the shelf clean because look at what's ahead of us. In the weeks ahead we have Mardi Gras balls, prom, pageant, and bridal. Not to mention all the special days and performances like dance competition, Mother's Day, and Easter. Actually New Year's Eve is only the beginning of the strong rhinestone season that will follow. So here's a market we don't want to miss.

quality glass jewelry
Quality Glass Jewelry
Grade A Glass Provides the Shimmer of Crystals

Here is an outgrowth of the classic trend in fashion jewelry. Glass and gemstone are leading the pack in components for classic jewelry. Gemstones have been with us since ancient history, but developments in glass jewelry are staggering. We highlighted Murano style glass jewelry in an earlier newsletter and the designs evolving are even more devastating. Visit Murano style glass jewelry for the latest developments. But another evolving component is grade A glass jewelry, sometimes called "glass crystal".

Actually crystals are glass too. Joseph Strasser discovered the crystal process by replacing lime with lead oxide in the composition. The glass jewelry developing today has a lot of the look of crystal at a fraction of the cost. Now you can offer bold crystal looks at shockingly low prices. For this new development we have set up a new category called "Quality Glass Jewelry". This gives you a new option in holiday jewelry that will surprise your customers. And surprise seems to keep the cash register ringing.

Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater Pearls
The Utmost in Elegance

Freshwater pearls, now this is older than Egypt. But it's back, and it's mixed with crystals, and it's gorgeous. This looks so good, we set up a new category for it also. It's called "Freshwater Pearls". For holiday season it is mainly necklace sets. But there are some bracelets and earrings also. Look for this category to grow.

One great thing about this category is color to match gowns. Dyed freshwater pearls retain their iridescence and create spectacular designs when added to crystals. The result is another new innovation for this holiday season, another surprise, anther ring of the cash register. So this holiday season we have a spectacular array of innovations thanks to the fashion trend of classic jewelry. Don't we hope this trend never ends?

Next Newsletter: Mardi Gras and Valentines Day
Get out your scorecard. Last newsletter we highlighted eight items and the greatest interest was in fashion necklace sets. The next newsletter is early January and will cover two huge events that are approaching – Mardi Gras and Valentines Day. If Mardi Gras doesn't touch your area, don't ignore it. Every year Mardi Gras is growing and you may be the "word of mouth" place to get it. Better yet, Mardi Gras is touching markets as diverse as bridal with Mardi Gras weddings. So think about it, but be sure you will have to plan for the other highlight – Valentines Day.
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