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November 2006

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Jockey Hat & Trendy Hats

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Fall Brooches

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Christmas Jewelry


Nobody wants to miss a big item in Christmas sales. In 2003 the item was rhinestone initials; in 2004 large crystal brooches; and in 2005 sequin hand bags. In 2006 that dominating item doesn't exist outside of Louisiana. In Louisiana it is fleur-de-lis jewelry, but beyond Louisiana it is not there. Don't get worried. This is good news for you. How can this be good news? Because the best selling fashion items are what has sold since spring. You have been preparing with classic looks and themes in fashion jewelry and the field is too broad for price cutters to kill your sales by cutting prices.

We analyzed the sales for the month of October to reveal the direction of wholesale buying for Christmas. With 7,000 items to pick from and sales to every state in the Union plus overseas, we have an indicator that is representative of Christmas buying. Masks were covered in the last newsletter so we eliminated them from the results. Here are the top 10 categories:
1. Casual bracelets (Codes starting with CB)
2. Chokers (CK#)
3. Rhinestone necklace sets (NKR#)
4. Casual hats (HTC#)
5. Pendants (PD#)
6. Casual necklace sets (NKS#)
7. Brooches (PNC#)
8. Gemstone jewelry (GM#)
9. Mardi Gras favors & dolls (MG#)
10. Hematite jewelry (HM#)
Yes, there are surprises. We knew that casual bracelets would be on the list, but didn't expect number one. We are embarrassed by chokers being #2 because we never highlight this humble basic item that can really create a look. Casual hats should be there in March or April, but what a surprise in October. Next let's look at what this means to us and our Christmas sales.

Michael Gietl
turquoise wrap bracelet
Casual Bracelets are Hot for Christmas
One accessory that provides fashion, classic looks, and theme

First let's look at casual bracelets (these are any bracelets on our sites beginning with CB) Three forces are driving these sales-theme, fashion, and classic looks. This Christmas season they are all strong, putting casual bracelets top on the list. Themes always sell at Christmas time because they are a thoughtful gift. They I say "I really know what is dear to your heart". They can be pets, cheerleading, sports, ballet, music, or inspirational. Because they are so personal, they are not rocked by fashion trends.

In fashion it is the bold look that is hot-cuff bracelets, wide bangles, multiple chains and bangles, chunky designs, and toggle bracelets. Color is good and metal plating is even better. Designers and fashion magazines are driving this fashion look.

A big key to bracelet sales is the classic look, timeless designs with quality components. Murano style glass, gemstone, woods, ceramics, and glass crystal are providing beauty in bracelets tht appeals to all ages. The classic look always has a market, but this year it is even better because it's the fashion. So include bracelets in your Christmas inventory and display them so they look special.

fashion choker
Fashion Chokers
The humble basic that creates endless attractive designs

Next I am going to try to make up for past neglects by giving some praise to the humble basic-chokers. Pendants are on our top 10 list at #5, but it is chokers at #2 that can give the pendants a dozen or more different looks. First, it is hard to find a large selection of chokers and you have about 60 to pick from on the site.

Sell the pendants and chokers separately. This reduces the unit selling price and creates an infinite number of looks. It can actually build your sale when the customer wants a few different chokers and a few different pendants for combinations that give a variety of results. It also involves the customer, who often wants to use their own creativity. This gives you a seamless marriage of fashion and theme because the choker can change the fashion look and the pendant can provide the theme. So include chokers in your fashion accessories, especially if you are selling the pendant line.

fall necklace set
The Necklace Set Boom
The Hot Fashion Look for the Fall Season

Finally, let's look at necklace sets. This can be your Christmas item in 2006. Necklace sets are so important that they have eclipsed earrings and made people forget about bling. The return to the classic look is driving necklace set sales. October necklace set sales are spread over 235 designs with no single design dominating. This boils down to the individual look, the "one of a kind" look that fashion gurus have been telling us about.

But is there a pattern? Yes, sets with quality components, especially gemstone, and layered looks are the dominant sellers. A variety of sets are selling, but this is the family that leads the list. Now you have another advantage over competition. Don't load up on a few designs, but spread the look over several designs so you can offer the "one of a kind" look. Pay particular attention to fashion jewelry with gemstone components.

Next Newsletter: Holiday Items
The main interest in the last newsletter was rhinestone necklace sets. The next newsletter will be early December and we will return to this theme with items for holiday. Hope you have a very successful and happy Christmas season. And don't stress in sales don't meet expectations because our records show that the peak months are January through April with a heavy line up of special days and events. There is plenty of opportunity ahead of us.
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