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October 2006

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This is the beginning of the most exciting six months of sales for most subscribers. Event after event will provide the best opportunities of the year. During this six month run rhinestone will be so important that we can't ignore it. Holidays with New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras balls, prom, pageant, and bridal will drive an insatiable need for rhinestone. Not to mention choral groups, dance competition, and all the other formal events. So if you ever had the feeling that you missed out on a big market for holiday, prom, and bridal, this year we can remedy it and have the cash register ringing.

Michael Gietl
lavish rhinestone set
Rhinestone Necklace Sets
The Important Rhinestone Look for Fall

Retailers are constantly making decisions to solve a dilemma. There is only so much money to put into inventory and to survive and prosper they need the "most bang for the buck". In the past, the problem with rhinestone was the price was high and it took a lot of money to make a statement. Well, not anymore. Now with improved manufacturing procedures, competition, and imports, you can buy elaborate rhinestone sets for half the price that they sold for 20 years ago. So now for a few hundred dollars you can fill a showcase and make a statement that will capture this lucrative market. But what are the right items?

The best rhinestone item is
rhinestone necklace and earring sets. They outsell every other category of rhinestone. Unlike costume jewelry, rhinestone is virtually untouched by the quick changes in fashion trends. Traditional looks sell and do not become outdated. Rhinestone is never more brilliant than clear rhinestones set in silver tone. That is the bread and butter look. Other platings only touch the perimeter of the rhinestone jewelry market.

Nevertheless, we don't want to lose sales. So with the resurgence of gold in jewelry and gold evening gowns in apparel, grab the customers by having a portion of your selection in gold plating.

Next we need the right design for the customer coming through the door. This takes some analyzing. Who are your customers? Prom and bridal customers prefer daintier looks. Prom will be trendier, while bridal more traditional. To get specific, designs with delicate chain and rhinestone like Y necklaces have been the hot look for prom recently (see NKR608). Bridal likes simple rhinestone sets (NKR607 is the number one seller) or combinations of pearl and rhinestone (BLP335 is best here). Have these looks for the bridal and prom market. With over 200 designs on the site, you have lots of options to satisfy your customers.

For balls, New Years Eve, and pageant it's lavish rhinestone jewelry. Dress up the showcase with a few of these sets for an eye-popping look. Collars, bibs, and fringe necklaces are all good. Best of all, the fabulous rhinestone is priced to make it look like a bargain. The rhinestone set shown above is NKR641 and it wholesales for $15.50 There is no sticker shock here. You can find a large selection of very lavish rhinestone sets for under $35.00 Also, extravagant Academy Award style jewelry is available in all CZs. These sets look like diamonds. They are pricey so put your money in rhinestone unless you have the special customer for lavish cubic zirconia sets.

Rhinestone fringe earrings
Fresh Designs In Rhinestone Earrings
Sparkle with Style

When only one piece of jewelry is worn, that item is usually earrings. Rhinestone earrings give us more room to play. They follow fashion more than rhinestone necklace sets. So the costume jewelry earrings you see in fashion magazines are often reproduced in rhinestone. Hoops with moving fringe, chandeliers, and linear drops all have elegant rhinestone counterparts. The problem is finding selection.

We strive to eliminate this problem for you by constantly updating the rhinestone earring selection. There are currently over 140 designs to give you the variety to satisfy your customers' needs. There are plenty of options from the classic buttons so popular in dance competition to lavish chandeliers. Earrings are available in gold and silver plating. Hard to find clip earrings are here too. A wide selection of stunning rhinestone earrings is not easy to find so you have little competition in this item – not even from the majors.

Venetian Mask
New Trends for the Season

Halloween is the next major event that will impact sales and Halloween is HUGE!!! There are entire trade shows dedicated to this day and search engines on the internet see a major spike for Halloween items. How can you profit from Halloween?

Nearly every retailer can benefit from Halloween jewelry. It is an impulse sale. Prices for Halloween jewelry are relatively cheap and the designs get better every year. For most shops Halloween jewelry is not going to pay the rent, but it is a nice plus tht can add some dollars to October sales. Pirate jewelry will be big this Halloween because of the movie. Set aside some space to make a Halloween statement that will grab attention.

The biggest change in Halloween buying patterns is the strong sales in masks. I'm not talking about "trick or treat" masks for kids, but feather masks and Venetian masks for adults. Over the last 30 days this is the leading category for sales (out of 213 categories and subcategories on the site). Out of the 5 best selling products, 4 were masks (there are 6,791 products on the site). Interest in masks has more than doubled since last Halloween. Venetian style masks are the hottest sellers. The awareness of Venetian style masks is growing rapidly with the buying public.

If you set up a display in your shop to make a Halloween statement include feather masks and Venetian masks. Buying interest is high and mark up is excellent. If this is not your look, add some nice masks as decorations for the season and monitor your customers' interest. Undoubtedly, someone will wan to buy your display and you can decide if there is a market in masks for the future. We still have New Years Eve and Mardi Gras ahead of us.

Next Newsletter: Top Sellers for Christmas
Our last newsletter was on fall fashion trends. The greatest interest was in Murano glass style jewelry. Classic looks like Murano glass and gemstone fashion jewelry are the hot selling fashion jewelry items. If you are doing classic looks, stay with it because this is the fashion jewelry that is moving.

Next newsletter I will focus on the best selling Christmas items determined by what retailers are buying. So I have reset the counter and the statistics may surprise both of us.

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