Fall Costume Jewelry Trends
August 2006

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This month's newsletter is an important tune-up for the race that will begin in the next 30 days. For most subscribers, the best six months of the selling season will be from the beginning of October until the end of March. Event after event will come so fast that it will take our breath. So what we do now is important for this exciting six month run. We have been working really hard this month to prepare the products and information that will help you have a successful fall season. A new information page gives details on fall fashions and colors. Fall items have been added to a number of key categories. New categories with totally new looks for fall have been added. So let's begin with fall fashion trends because that fills the immediate need for new fall accessories and paves the way to Christmas sales.

Michael Gietl
Cuff bracelet Color,Classic, & Cuffs

Colors for fall change, but many of the classic looks that started in the spring continue. Bold designs and the importance of color continue. That is good news for us because that means that costume jewelry is hot. The classic look and quality components started in the spring and are even more important now. Cheap is out and components like wood, gemstone, glass, fabric, metals, ceramics, and even fall colored shell are in. Costume jewelry with a "one of a kind" look or hand-made look is in.

Bracelets ushered in the current up cycle in fashion jewelry a few years ago and have remained important ever since. The trends in bracelets are wide cuffs, chunky bracelets, multiple bracelets worn mix and match, two-tone plating or a combination of gold and silver worn together. Also trendy are jewel encrusted bracelets and bold statements like wide beaded designs.

Now we need to remember that the majority of our customers are not on the daring edge of fashion so we need to tone down some of the catwalk looks to make them palatable for our average customer. The bottom line is present a look with noticeable size that has pleasing design – a classic look. We located fabulous fall designs that fit into a number of categories. See bracelets that we feel are important under gemstone bracelets, beaded bracelets, fashion bracelets, and Murano glass style jewelry. Whether you like our choices or prefer someone else's, we feel these are looks that will catapult us into a successful fall. The designs and quality components are there. Also don't forget Halloween bracelets with Halloween fast approaching.

Patina necklace set Bold Designs & Classic Looks

Before we review necklaces, let's cover the fall colors. The basics are the "new black" and shades of grey. The colors are deep hues of purple, red, and blue plus aqua. Colors from nature are shades of brown, green, and coral.

Now for necklaces. Here is where the classic look really shines. From Murano glass and gemstone fashion jewelry to the boutique looks of high fashion jewelry, the beauty is breath-taking. So many classic designs that your customers can't leave the store without a bag in their hand. Layered looks, long necklaces, tassels, color, chunky designs, long chains, and faux pearl are all in. But the classic look takes the day. Polished gemstone, wood, and dark shell build designs on the beauty of nature. More irresistible designs come from quality man-made components like glass, ceramics, crystals, and metals. The classic look always sells, but it's not always the hot fashion tend. So take advantage of the trends this fall to sell what is absolutely beautiful.

Elongated drop earrings Hoops, Drops, & Motion

Fall earrings are gorgeous and choices are endless. Plating is big in earring trends. Top designers are emphasizing gold, which should see its biggest comeback in more than 10 years. But bronze and dark platings like gunmetal, pewter, and hematite will also be big. Antique platings provide great vintage looks and don't rule out silver. It is well implanted as the buyer's choice.

Drop earrings with movement will be a leading look this fall. Styles include large filigrees, geometrics, gypsy hoops, and decorated doorknockers. Linear earrings are back with a new name – elongated drops. The great look of chandeliers continues with no competition for the beauty and elegance they provide. Find the details for earrings on the "fashion trend" page.

This newsletter we focused on the fashionable side of costume jewelry that follows the trends. To provide you with all the detail that you need, we have set up a new page called fashion trends that goes into all the specifics. It does not include rhinestone jewelry, bridal jewelry, or theme jewelry because they have a life of their own that is hardly affected by fashion trends. Rhinestone jewelry will be important for the upcoming season and we will explore all the new developments in the next newsletter. So what do we do now? Explore the fall merchandise available. Determine who your customer is. And stock the merchandise for fall that matches those customers.
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Fall Costume Jewelry Trends

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