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July 2006

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July is here and it's vacation time - lots of people going places and having fun. So in this newsletter we're going to have some fun of our own. We're going on a treasure hunt. There are lots of little gems buried on the site that even frequent visitors haven't uncovered. The items that we're going to look for are the unusual items that sell. The ones that don't sell we'll leave buried. In addition, we'll examine some niche markets that make a very good living for some of our subscribers. First let's start with a strong niche market.

Michael Gietl
hematite necklace
Hematite - The Wonder Jewelry
Pain Free Fashion

If you visited many flea markets and craft shows this summer, you have no doubt seen a booth full of hematite jewelry. This is a classic niche market. Most customers that buy hematite jewelry from us, buy only hematite. (Hematite is a steel grey iron oxide derivative that has a cold feeling like gemstone.) The high luster and smoothness of hematite make it an attractive medium for producing jewelry - and thousands of designs are being produced. But there is more to hematite than chokers and rings sold to teenagers or ornate designs worn as a fashion statement. There is a growing belief among the buying public that hematite can relieve pain and other ailments. Many of us have parents or grandparents that were convinced that copper bracelets relieved arthritis and rheumatism. My Mom certainly believed it and all the journals of medicine in the world were not going to change her mind. By the same token, many of our customers selling hematite began their business because a personal experience of pain relief convinced them. The internet offers plenty of information on the healing power of hematite, but we're not going to try to prove it or disprove it in this newsletter.

The important thing for us is that people are looking for hematite as fashion jewelry, but even more so for pain relief. The attractive steel grey luster of hematite provides jewelry with a beauty that sells itself. The cool feel distinguishes it from synthetic jewelry. Offering hematite in our fashion jewelry selection will not catch the eye of the fashion customer, but will supply the need for those seeking hematite for pain relief. So with the low cost and high profit margin of this attractive jewelry, it's almost irresistible.

feather boa
Feather Boas for Fun and Profit
A Good Business that You Never Dreamed You Would be in

So much for pain, now the fun begins and what could be more fun than feather boas. Now, be honest - did you know that they were on the site? There are 207 categories and subcategories on the site and this little subcategory ranks in the top 20 for sales. Even more amazing, since May 10th (the last time that we reset the counter), the product, BOA2 Feather Boas in Colors, is the number one selling item out of 6,629 products shown on the site. Not bad considering most visitors never even see it. Feather boas are found under the category, Mardi Gras, but they have far more appeal than just Mardi Gras. Cheerleaders, football fans, red hatters, birthday parties, or a night out are all markets for this fun item. For card shops, costume stores, tourist destinations, and accessory stores this is a natural. If your business is apparel, throw one over an outfit as display and I guarantee that someone will ask how much it is.

Most feather boas including ours are 6 feet long. The weight determines how full they are. Our feather boas are 55 grams, which is far better than average so you are getting a quality boa. Search the internet and you will find our price for this quality is hard to beat. What this means to you, if there is no price cutting competition around you, make a lot of profit. A price of $9.95 gives you more than 3 time mark up and you will have a barrel of fun selling this item.

school bookmark
Bookmarks and Key Chains
Don't Leave! This Stuff Sells

These two items, bookmarks and key chains, cover a lot of territory. Maybe you have visited one of the categories, but did you know that there are 7 categories for these items on the site? There is an excellent category for bookmarks on the main menu. Popular themes like sports, firemen, teachers, school, and nurses are covered here. Also included are photo bookmarks. (Photo items are a niche market by themselves and more photo merchandise can be found under photo bracelets, fashion jewelry sets, and key chains or put the word, photo, in the search.)

Many of the same designs are offered as key chains and found under the fashion jewelry category. In addition, this category includes pets, souvenirs, and cute designs for teens. Key chains or bookmarks can also be found under Louisiana in Pewter, Souvenirs, and Wildlife. There is a category of Christian Key Chains under Religious Jewelry and more under Religious Gifts. A wide range of interests is covered on the site by these two items, which make an excellent add on sale or impulse item. So for something out of the ordinary with sales appeal, consider bookmarks and key chains.

Next Newsletter: Fall Fashion Trends
If you are keeping score, those gorgeous rhinestone bracelets got the most attention in the last newsletter. Well, so much for the fun. Next newsletter goes out during "back to school" and back to work, so we'll have to roll up our sleeves and take a look at the fall fashion trends that are just around the corner.
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Treasure Hunt for Unusual Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

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