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June 2006

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High Fashion Jewelry

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We are in the heat of summer when lots of fun things happen -- vacations, festivals, baseball, outdoor celebrations and events, water sports, and going to the beach. This is a major plus for some of our subscribers, but the majority are not in tourist destinations and not doing outdoor events. For the majority, summer sees business slowing. So this newsletter will concentrate on picking up summer business and we are going to look at proven winners, steady items, and new buying trends.

Michael Gietl
black swinger hat
A Proven Winner in Summer Accessories
Keeping Cool while Looking Cool with the Shade of a Hat

One accessory that never fails us in the heat of the summer is casual hats. Hat business sees a major pick up in the spring and it never tapers until late summer. Hat sales are terrific in tourist destinations and at outdoor events. When Jazz Fest comes to New Orleans, the main item retailers come to us for is hats. If you are thinking "that's not my location", don't worry because not all buyers are at tourist destinations or festivals. Your own community and customer base needs hats and the hats that are leading sales are cowboy hats and swingers (the hat pictured is a swinger). Fedoras and newsboys have slowed this year and swingers have had a major increase. Cowboy hats still lead the field, but not with the overwhelming lead that they had a year ago. Color is important in both swingers and cowboy hats. Turquoise, white, ivory, black, beige, brown, lime, pink, and fuchsia are the colors selling. That doesn't count out natural straws that are very good.

The third best selling hat shapes is kettles, especially wide brims, but also narrow brims. . Kettle hats have a brim that turns up all the way around and usually have a rounded crown. Natural straws seem to sell as well as colors in kettle hats. Add this accessory to your line, not only this summer, but every summer so the buying public will identify your shop with hats. This will give you one more good item for summer sales.

oversize sunglasses
Proven Winner #2 in Summer Accessories
The Accessory that Sells to Guys & Gals of Every Age

Another accessory that has proven itself a winner every summer is sunglasses. Think stylish in this accessory to separate yourself from the competition. You want people coming through the door because that's where they get the sunglasses that make them look like a celebrity. There are plenty of common sunglasses available, but very little of high fashion and designer inspired looks. So in this accessory specialize in the stylish designs and get a good mark up.

The profit in sunglasses can really help if the summer is sluggish. And this summer the designs that are available for you are knock out, I would say the best ever. Oversize sunglasses, retros, shields, and aviators are the top designs. (For an in depth look at this season styles see Summer Fashion Trends. Make the sunglasses look special in your shop and price them like they are special. Three and four time mark up are common and the glasses still look reasonable. This is an accessory that is not only profitable, but almost sells itself. So pick up summer sales with stylish sunglasses.

layered necklace set
A New Change in Costume Jewelry Trends
Necklace Sets Make a Fashion Impact

Costume jewelry has been in an up cycle the last four years with bracelets, pendants, and earrings leading the way in casual jewelry. Nothing has changed on these three items that are selling well. The surprise is in necklace sets. During the last few years necklace sets lagged behind bracelets, pendants, and earrings, but this summer they have had a major resurgence that started in May. Our own experience is that necklace sets are selling unbelievably better than they have in more than a decade. The swing to classic looks in fashion trends is driving the popularity. One of a kind looks and quality components are appealing to all age groups.

Chunky designs, multiple strands, and layered looks are giving a breath of fresh air to necklace sets. We covered fashion necklace sets in our last two newsletters and didn't intend to cover them again this month until we were shocked by the sharp rise in sales. We see the early stages of a major change in fashion trends here and are calling your attention to it so you can be ahead of the competition. In this market, it is special looks that are selling rather than "cheap". There are four main categories on the site for necklace sets:

  • Fashion Jewelry Sets (under Fashion Jewelry)
  • High Fashion Jewelry (also under Fashion Jewelry)
  • Fashion Gemstone Jewelry (under Gemstone Jewelry)
  • High Fashion Shell Jewelry (under Shell Jewelry)
If your customer base is wearing these classic looks and asking about them, fill the need. If you are uncertain, start slowly and carefully watch the results.

Next Newsletter: Hidden Gems
Here is an interesting observation from our last newsletter. There were links to 10 categories of merchandise and the most interest was in Cigar Box Purses. This is a specialty market that appeals to niche markets and generally does not have high traffic. The surprising results have prompted us to focus on niche markets and uncommon items that sell in our next newsletter. Maybe some more hidden gems will be uncovered to boost your sales.
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