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May 2006

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Summer is here and tourist destinations are preparing for an onslaught of vacationers. Many other retailers may feel a little slump with the big events of Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and prom behind us. So this newsletter is dedicated to theme jewelry and accessories that give us some irresistible impulse sales to help build good days. In addition, we will revisit the high fashion looks in gemstone and shell fashion jewelry that are experiencing excellent sales this season.

Michael Gietl
charm bracelet
Say it with Fashion Jewelry
Wear what is Dear to the Heart

Theme jewelry is a major player in the fashion jewelry industry even though it doesn't get the raves of the new hot trends in costume jewelry. You see very little of it in fashion magazines, on the runways, or sported by celebrities. Yet it accounts for a sizeable percentage of costume jewelry sales. We call it "cute" instead of "stunning" because it appeals to what people really care about rather than overwhelming them with breath-taking beauty. Theme jewelry gives the wearer the opportunity to broadcast something that is meaningful to them. The right theme item attracts customers like a magnet. It is also the perfect gift because it says "I am aware of what you care about".

The most popular fashion jewelry in themes are bracelets, pendants, and earrings. On the internet, bracelets are one of the most searched for words in jewelry and the most searched for bracelet in costume jewelry is charm bracelets. That tells us a lot about people's love for themes. Themes can be fun like pets, cheerleading, sports, school mascots, beach themes, occupations, school, motorcycles, or classic cars. Themes can also be serious like cancer awareness, religious themes, family, or motivational. Everyone has something that they really care about. When we have the right theme, we have something we can be proud to show them and something that will generally result in a sale.

tiger pendant
Theme Pendants and Earrings
The Endless Source of Theme Jewelry

For several years we have carried the "Best Brand" pendant and earring line. With over 500 themes, it has something for nearly every theme that we can think of. The workmanship is exceptional with most pieces stamped with raised relief and sealed on the back to create hallow light weight pendants and earrings that cannot be distinguished from expensive sterling silver. The detail is magnificent and the themes are easily recognized. Most items in the line are silver plated and highly polished. Many have bright color highlights to provide fun jewelry for the summer.

In addition to touching hearts with the themes, the line allows the customer to get involved in designing their look. A subcategory of chokers is found under fashion jewelry that provides over 60 different styles of chokers for the pendants. In addition, under loose beads, there are beads with 4mm openings that can be added to the chokers to give color. The picture shows a tiger mascot on a choker with purple and yellow beads on each side. Anybody from Louisiana immediately recognizes this tiger jewelry. The terrific thing is that this can be done for any high school or local team so you have themes that are really specific to your area. The pendants are the best selling item in this line. Most retailers that carry all the components, sell the components separately so the customer can build their own look and spend as much or little as they like.

Red agate necklace
Shell & Gemstone Fashion Jewelry
Stylish designs in the Current Fashion Trends

The last newsletter covered summer fashion trends and the "new" is doing well, but the item that is doing best is gemstone and shell fashion jewelry. For this reason we have enlarged these categories and feel it is important to elaborate on them. Fashion trends this season have a more classic look that is incorporating natural materials like gemstone, wood, and shell into costume jewelry. Especially strong are designs that focus on a large pendant in natural materials. The fall lines that are being presented to us indicate that this trend is going to continue into next season. Since the last newsletter, we have seen the trend increasingly promoted in fashion magazines and department store advertising, but a selection is not easily found by the average shopper. This creates an opportunity for retailers.

We not only have a fashion trend here, but we have beautiful designs and unique polished shells and gemstones that make each piece different. That gives us two talking points in presenting the line to customers. Touch the gemstone and you will see that it is cooler than the glass beads or synthetic components in the design. This tells our customers that the stones are genuine. More details are given in the descriptions on the site to help retailers point out the unique qualities of these new designs. If you find demand strong and supply weak in your area, this can put you on the front end of an uptrending look. If you are uncertain, proceed cautiously because none of us want money tied up in the wrong thing for our area.

Next Newsletter: Proven Summer Sellers
The summer months are Christmas for retailers in many tourist destinations. It is also excellent for retailers doing festivals, craft shows, and outdoor flea markets. But summer months do not have major holidays that drive sales so many retailers are looking for sales boosters. That is the focus of this newsletter and our next one that will be on proven winners for the summer season.
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