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April 2006

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Spring is loaded with opportunities for sales in fashion jewelry and accessories. Hats sell at the fastest pace of the year. There is a frenzy for elegant jewelry because of prom, bridal, and pageant. Spring fashion rolls out and causes new excitement. But now we are looking at summer. Don't get depressed. The fashion trends are giving us a fresh round of great sales opportunities so let's take a look at these fashion trends for summer.

Michael Gietl
Turquoise necklace
Summer Trends in Fashion Jewelry
Color and "Big" are the In Things

The forecast for costume jewelry couldn't be brighter for the fashion accessory industry. Color and big chunky looks are the trends and these are the perfect ingredients for strong costume jewelry sales. The colors are almost "pick your own". The forecasted colors are brights with a feminine touch -- teal instead of green, coral and rose instead of red, and dusty blue or turquoise instead of blue. But lately white or black and white have been receiving raves and some summer apparel is coming out in the traditional brights.

The hot designs are ropes and layered necklaces that are still in, but the bold look rules. Chunky jewelry with components from nature are already appearing in fashion magazines and fine department stores. Wood and shell are mixed with metals and glass beads to create attractive designs. Even bigger is gemstone incorporated into costume jewelry designs. Turquoise, coral, unakite, carnelian, rose quartz, and numerous other gemstones are showing up in beautifully designed fashion jewelry. Here is a great opportunity for retailers to profit in the summer months. The wholesale price is in line with other costume jewelry, but the public perceives gemstone to be more valuable. These designs will be anything but cheap in the fine department stores. So take advantage of the desirable looks and reasonable prices to increase your summer profits. To single out this look, we have added a category, gemstone fashion jewelry, to the gemstone selection.

Stylish sunglasses
Stunning New Looks in Sunglasses
This Accessory Sells Itself

Sunglasses have mushroomed over the last few years as a fashion accessory. It used to be "fashion and functionality", but with the ravishing designs coming out in sunglasses, we almost forget the purpose they serve. To make the point, only one customer in the last year asked what the UV rating was. The reason is the new designs look so stunning that all a retailer needs to do is put them in the shop and they sell themselves. The second great thing about them is that the profit margin is incredible. Mark ups of 3 to 6 times have them still looking reasonable.

If we put the latest trend in sunglasses in one word, it would be "big". Oversize is what is selling best this year and plastic frames are outselling metal frames for ladies. Tortoise and black are the leading colors, but rose, pink, and other colors are doing very well. Embedded rhinestones and studs give a new twist to this years designs and matching frame and lens colors are very popular. For men, nothing ever beats the traditional aviators. So include sunglasses in your accessory line to offset some of the other items that may slump in the heat of the summer.

Slouchy Hobo Bag
Summer Handbag Trends
Roomy is the Word in Handbags

Trends in handbags are providing some fabulous fresh looks. Oversize totes and hobos in leather or leatherette are very fashionable in traditional leather colors or washed metallics. Lots of studs, rhinestones, buckles, and straps keep these bags from being anything but plain. Pockets on the front are very stylish and shorter shoulder straps enable the roomy handbags to fit nicely under the arm. Celebrities are doing what they can to sell the trend by popping up in magazines carrying the latest in oversize bags. The excitement of this new look should provide a big plus for summer sales.

Next Newsletter: New Developments in Themes
Bold looks and color have costume jewelry in a strong upward trend and this gives us one more big plus for business. The next newsletter will talk about the flip side of trendy fashion jewelry and accessories. We are going to explore new developments in themes that seem to be immune from the ups and downs of fashion trends.
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Summer Fashion Trends