Spring Elegance in Fashion Jewelry & Accessories
March 2006

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Let's get excited about our business because fashion is in a month of elegance that brings customers through the door. Prom, bridal, and pageant are all at a peak at this time so elegance is in. Rhinestone jewelry, tiaras, bridal jewelry, evening bags, and formal gloves enjoy peak sales in the spring and there are stunning new looks in each category to keep your selection looking fresh.

Michael Gietl
rhinestone necklace set
Elegant Rhinestone Jewelry
Sparkly Looks for Prom, Bridal, and Pageant

Spring gives us more opportunities than any other time of the year to sell elegant jewelry in a variety of looks. Prom and bridal love the sparkly look that is not overstated, while pageant can be more lavish. Dance competition prefers the round crystal earrings and rhinestone chokers. Rhinestone jewelry always does well with traditional looks and clear rhinestones crafted in silver tone settings.

While this will be your number one seller, the resurgence of gold plated settings is rapidly gaining popularity. A number of new rhinestone jewelry designs are offered on the site in gold plating. Mix some in your rhinestone selection so you don't miss this important segment of the market. Necklace sets are the run away best selling accessory, but don't forget the bracelets and earrings.

rhinestone tiara
Tiaras: the Crowning Touch of Elegance
Attract Customers with a Stunning Tiara Selection

As a salesman, I called on bridal shops and was often astounded by the small selection of tiaras that many bridal shops carry. This important accessory is truly a sleeper. A glance through a bridal magazine tells the story of the importance of tiaras. In addition, for pageant and prom queens they are a must. Combine this with the fact that coronets and tiara combs are being incorporated into hair-dos for prom and other special occasions and we have a very good market. Today there are stunning designs with sparkling brilliance at very reasonable prices. Retailers can offer an excellent selection for a wholesale cost of under $300

Low profile tiaras and pieces that include pearls are preferred for bridal. Like rhinestone jewelry, gold plating is growing in popularity. Taller tiaras are popular for pageant and queens. Give retailing tiaras some serious consideration. We know that the last thing a retailer needs is accessories that don't move crowding up the showcase, but if you feel you have a market, you can be the specialist that your area turns to for tiaras.

black evening bag
The Formal Accessories: Evening Bags & Formal Gloves
Prospering with Hard to Find Fashion Items and Colors

Prospering with Hard to Find Fashion Items and Colors The highest demand of the year for formal accessories will undoubtedly occur in the spring season. Leading the list will be evening bags and formal gloves. While white, ivory, and black account for the majority of sales in evening bags and gloves, having other colors to match prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses can make you the only game in town. Pink, silver, and gold are the next best colors in evening bags. In gloves, the number one seller is white over the elbow, with matte slightly outselling satin.

If you have been carrying evening bags and gloves in your line, you are probably as stunned as we are about how much last minute shopping goes into these important accessories. When there is no time to order, the shop with the inventory gets the business.

Next Newsletter: Fashion Trends for Summer
We are in an excellent time of the year for elegance and for hats. Our next newsletter will keep the sales cycle rolling with a look at fashion trends for summer.
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Spring Elegance in Fashion Jewelry & Accessories