Necklace Sets

Some women love to spend days shopping for eclectic pieces of jewelry and finding creative ways to combine those pieces with each other and their wardrobe. Others prefer to find perfectly coordinated necklace sets with a minimum of hassle. That way, there are never any worries about committing a fashion faux pas or not matching subtle differences in color or style.

This also makes necklace sets popular in stores where a number of clients are buying gifts for others. Men can feel overwhelmed when trying to pick out jewelry, and seeing a lovely set can give them a sense of confidence in their purchase. You can offer necklace sets from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. at a significant mark-up, but at prices that are still affordable.

As a retailer, you can find a niche offering coordinated sets of jewelry. Many sets are simply comprised of a necklace and earrings, as these are the two pieces women most frequently wish to pair. There are, however, more extensive sets if someone is looking for a fully coordinated ensemble of accessories with a bracelet, tiara, or brooch too.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers sets that are up-to-the-minute with current fashion trends, as well as subtle and timeless classics. Many of their clients are retailers in the bridal industry, and they have hundreds of necklace sets made of pearls and rhinestones. There are also semiprecious gems, Austrian crystals, novelty sets, and more--so check out their catalog of over 7,000 items today!