Mardi Gras Masks

Nothing gets people into the swing of Fat Tuesday celebrations like Mardi Gras masks, and nobody knows Mardi Gras masks like Accessory Wholesale, Inc. They are located in New Orleans, the city that put Mardi Gras on the map, and nobody does it better than they do. The buyers at Accessory Wholesale, Inc. have scoured every manufacturer of masks and accessories to bring you the best products available at the lowest prices; your store is sure to benefit from their efforts.

The most popular masks by far are the traditional Venetian style masks. These are great for lots of occasions, from Mardi Gras revelry to elegant costume balls. Most are hand painted with ribbons at the sides for tying them on, and a few have sticks to allow them to be held up to the face. All are beautifully styled, and they are often used as decorations or wall hangings instead of being worn.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also has Mardi Gras-themed wall masks. These are larger items that are meant to be displayed. They are great for marketing toward anyone with a soft spot for New Orleans, as they bring a touch of Bourbon Street into every home. They also make great gifts for kids, people in the theater or dramatic arts, and anyone with a bit of the romantic and fanciful in his or her soul. If you sell costumes, you could decorate your store with them for an exciting look!

Whatever kind of Mardi Gras gear your store is looking for, Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is certain to have it. They have been the Mardi Gras experts for 20 years, and their experience in finding the best suppliers and offering the best prices is unparalleled. Browse their site for a look at all of the fantastic masks and accessories they have to introduce to your inventory.