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Retailers who specialize in ladies' cowboy hats will find that wholesalers carry western headgear in several different styles and materials. Created by Hunter Stetson, the wide-brimmed hat style was designed to shield cowboys and ranchers from the elements. Later becoming a fashion style that extended beyond the Wild West, felt, straw and leather designs grew in popularity among women and men.

While felt and leather styles protect the skin and scalp from harmful UV rays, they quickly absorb heat from the intense sun. Felt cowboy hats are especially good for cooler climates since the fabric thickness provides insulation for the wearer's head. Felt and leather models are also sturdy enough for daily use and stiff enough to retain their shape.

Straw designs were created to allow airflow through the weaving, but hat makers have to coat them in clear lacquer to stiffen them. Shading the face and providing ventilation, these straw hats work well in warm climates. Wearers must remember, however, that harmful rays can creep through the woven strips, so putting sunscreen on the scalp is important.

Half-breed hat designs are a creative mixture of felt, straw or leather, designed to the individual's style. Some wearers select golden straw brims and black felt crowns, or vice versa, and ladies may prefer to accent the brims with bands or beading to customize their designs.

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