Hats Wholesale

Wholesale fashions like hats, jewelry, ties and sunglasses make good retail niches for boutiques and accessory retailers. One of the most popular hat styles is the ordinary baseball cap. While these hats used to come in basic athletic and trucker styles to protect wearers from the sun or from sports' impacts, there are now dozens of styles, fabrics and back closures from which to choose.

Low-profile, tight-fitting baseball caps are contemporary fashion choices for women and men. Called sideline caps, these hats most often come in brushed cotton twill and washed cotton rather than the more traditional wool and mesh designs. Women have begun to pair these low-profile styles with jeans and simple jewelry for a classic, casual look, and sports fans find them cool and comfortable when attending a game or tournament.

Old-school trucker hats are made with mesh and are fashioned to protect drivers from the sun's rays. They have a boxier style that sits away from the head rather than conforming at the crown.

Worn by athletes and sports leaguers, athletic baseball caps are still made from wool, which is very durable and molds comfortably to the head after several uses. Some athletic styles have loops or fittings on the sides to attach sunglasses.

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