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jasper jewelryA future project will cover the many looks and names of this semiprecious stone, which is covered briefly here.  Scenic jasper (also called picture jasper) has designs resembling landscape scenes.  Banded jasper has layered designs of varying widths.  Pop jasper has round eye like designs and comes in different colors.  Zebra jasper is striped, usually black and white. Brecciated jasper has an irregular pattern, broken by nature and then sealed.  Ocean jasper usually has circular patterns and is commonly green.  Paintbrush jasper has strokes and spots reminiscent of painting.  Dalmatian jasper has black spotting on white.  Leopardskin jasper has a variety of beautiful colors with spotting.  Bloodstone is a dark green with deep red spots.  Fancy jasper has a mix of rose, green, brown, and golden colors.  Rainforest jasper has intricate designs in green.  Dragonskin jasper has dark olive color with intricate black design. The varieties are endless with many more members of the jasper family taking names from the locations where they are found.  Find jasper jewelry under gemstone fashion jewelry