Funny Hats

You can't go wrong having a line of funny hats in your accessory or costume store, and Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is a one-stop source for every funny, goofy, or crazy hat on the market. They have literally hundreds of colors and styles of hats that are good for virtually any occasion where a little levity is appropriate. Check out some of their suggested uses and you're sure to want to stock some of your own.

One retailer has used Accessory Wholesale, Inc.'s leopard print novelty hats to dress their mannequins in a 70s themed window display. The results were absolutely hilarious, and drew a lot of traffic into their store. Another client who owns a bar gave out a few of their crazy parrot-head hats to customers who ordered their own brand of rum. By the end of the week, they had to order more hats to keep up with the demand for people wanting to buy them!

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also carries a number of hats themed for specific holidays. They have Christmas hats, St. Patrick's Day hats, and birthday hats. And, of course, since Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is located in New Orleans, they have one of the Internet's biggest supplies of Mardi Gras hats.

Click around their website and browse their selection. You're sure to find a hat or two that will spark your own creative and inventive streak. When you find the hats you want, you can be assured that they are the highest quality available at some of the best wholesale and discount prices you'll find anywhere.