Formal Gloves

A pair of formal gloves adds elegance to any dressy outfit. Thanks to Accessory Wholesale, Inc., carrying a variety of enticing formal gloves is now easy for any sort of clothing retailer, not just bridal and dress shops. Gloves are not always items that women think of wearing, so you want to be able to display a variety of gloves and show how they add refinement and style to different dresses and outfits--whether for a formal dance, evening event, or drinks and dinner at a fine restaurant.

Formal gloves are available in satin and matte satin, lace, cotton, and nylon. White and ivory are popular for brides and flower girls, and are generally meant to go only with white dresses. Colored gloves have a wider audience, as they are well-suited for bridesmaids, prom-goers, dancers, and any other fashion adventurers.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also has metallic gloves and fingerless styles. These gloves are more for fun and are the perfect accessories for a night of clubbing or a great costume. These gloves are also perfect for shops that cater to the fetish community, and they are sure to be a high volume seller around Halloween and New Year's!

Wrist length, below the elbow, above the elbow, and opera length (which goes up to the midpoint of the bicep) gloves are available in adult sizes. Children's gloves are available in wrist length and elbow length. You may even want to match the gloves you carry with hats and/or bags to present a complete look to clients.