Feather Masks

Mardi Gras is usually celebrated in February or early March, but many Accessory Wholesale, Inc. clients find a use for feather masks, hats, and other Mardi Gras gear year round. Mardi Gras themed parties and masquerades are popular among many entertainers, and even corporate event planners are using Mardi Gras as the theme for events because of its nondenominational flavor. Cashing in on this trend is easy--just keep some Mardi Gras hats, beads, and feather masks on hand from Accessory Wholesale, Inc.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is centered in New Orleans, and their great variety of masks reflects their long-standing appreciation for the city that celebrates Fat Tuesday right. They offer small styles that just cover the eyes and have a few feathers for effect. You can also find huge, glittering displays of peacock feathers and sparkling sequins that can be part of a true costume that renders the wearer's identity entirely obscured.

These masks can't be beat for quality or value. As with most of the merchandise from Accessory Wholesale, Inc., the more you order, the more you save with bulk discounts. The vibrant colors and fancy designs of these masks are also great for dressing up the mannequins in your windows for a display that's sure to draw some attention. Some clients have even used them to dress employees for added mystique, intrigue, or outright fun for special occasions.

Browse the Accessory Wholesale, Inc. catalog and you're sure to come up with ways to use the sizzle and excitement these masks provide in your stores. With the tremendous variety, you can become the one-stop retailer for Mardi Gras celebrants in your area. You can even mark these masks up for resale on your internet storefront and make a significant profit on all of these wild styles.