Feather Masks Distributor

If you're looking for a feather masks distributor that can also supply you with a wide assortment of wholesale Venetian masks and other styles of wholesale Mardi Gras masks, you've found it. Here at Accessory Wholesale, we have an exceptional array of these popular items to stock your store, kiosk, cart or website.

Feather masks are among the most opulent of all masquerade items, and can be used to create a striking display. We carry styles decorated with ostrich feathers, maribou, peacock and iridescent coque feathers, in both natural and dyed colors. You can order plenty of our beautiful feather masks without worrying about having them left after Mardi Gras is over, since many people purchase them as gifts, decorations or souvenirs regardless of the season.

Buy Assorted Masks From This Feather Masks Distributor

Many a feather masks distributor will make you buy wholesale Mardi Gras masks by the dozen or even by the gross in order to get the best prices. We believe in letting you choose only as many as you want of whatever styles you want. You may need a hundred of our basic half-face masks, but want to pick and choose among the glorious colors of our wholesale Venetian masks, buying maybe three of each chosen hue. That's fine with us. All you need is a minimum order of $75, however you want to select your items. We want to be the feather masks distributor you turn to for top quality, excellent prices and helpful customer service.