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Color Trends Spring 2008

The big story in fashion jewelry for the spring of 2008 is color. Yes, vibrant color returns to stir new excitement that will skyrocket interest in all accessories, especially jewelry. Each season Pantone, the color expert, keeps its finger on the pulse of coming trends and prepares a color report. This information is extremely valuable to retailers because making the right choices in jewelry and accessories is crucial to a successful season.

Jewelry uses color to accessorize vibrant apparel or it can be the whole color story by adding lively colors to neutrals. Jewelry uses color to accessorize vibrant apparel or it can be the whole color story by adding lively colors to neutrals. This can give a new look to last year’s wardrobe as well as add the color theme to neutrals for women not comfortable with apparel in vibrant yellow, red, orange, or apple green.

Accessorizing with color has plenty of choices. An easy option is to use neutral colors from the season’s palette. Just as easy is to use jewelry that varies the shade of the color you are matching (called monochromatic) for visually pleasing accessories that can hardly go wrong. Using adjacent hues on the color wheel (called analogous color scheme) provides eye-pleasing results as well without getting too daring. Using opposite colors on the color wheel (called complementary color scheme) takes more courage, but produces a surprise of beautiful results. As we go through the colors of the season, we will use jewelry to achieve these different effects.

fashion jewelry for olive color

Olive hues have been in the fashion palette for the past few seasons and this spring return as golden olive, which contains more yellow. Shades of green, brown, or yellow can generate excitement with this color. Shades of blue provide the complimentary color, opposite on the color wheel. The image shows classic accessories of carnelian, red jasper, tiger’s eye, and howlite in gemstone. Murano style glass also adds sophistication with shades of honey and brown. Bright colors create fun matching jewelry with yellow, lime green, and multicolor as well as floral prints.

Spring Crocus

Spring crocus is an orchid hue, a powdery color between blue and red that can draw from either side for accessories. Shades of pink and purple accessorize the color effortlessly. Lime, the complimentary color, is more daring. The gemstone, unakite, compliments with light olive in the picture. A choker of black multi strands and a necklace in twisted crystal quartz accessorize with neutrals. Chunky ceramics, Murano style glass, dyed shell, and agate deliver hues from pink to deep berry in classy coordinating jewelry.

Rococco Red

Brilliant red that played an important roll in the fall color palette returns for spring as rococco red. Accessorizing red is a whiz. Turquoise is the hot gemstone this spring and fashion jewelry with turquoise and coral are a natural for this color because turquoise is the complimentary color for red. The picture shows a bold black beaded necklace, pearls, and faceted clear glass jewelry making impact with neutrals. Gold and silver plating both look good on red. Hues of blue, darker shades of red, white and most neutrals make an attractive statement as well as gold and silver.

Pink Mist

Pink mist has a refreshing softness that is unquestionably feminine. Jewelry in hues of pink, rose, or violet tastefully accessorizes the color. Rose and cherry quartz provide a natural match with gemstone. The opposite color is mint green, which amazonite (pictured) or lighter shades of aventurine pick up with gemstone jewelry. The picture uses grey pearls to accessorize with neutrals and dyed shell and faceted glass provide fashion jewelry in pink hues that compliment the soft color. In metals, silver shares a coolness with pink so always looks striking.


Jewelry with croissant color Croissant provides a light shade of tan that immediately brings earth tones to mind like this season’s tribal prints, rain forest themes, and safari jackets. Natural shades of wood, brown lip mother of pearl, glazed ceramics, and gemstone with the olive color of unakite coordinate the color with classic jewelry in the picture. But croissant also doubles with nearly any color in the palette for exciting combinations that fun jewelry in yellow, apple green and multi brights can liven up.


Freesia uses an African flowers name to describe the vibrant yellow with the sharp color of mustard. Yellow is certainly starting out as a prominent color this season and there are endless options for accessorizing it. Shades of brown or green make an effortless match. The picture uses Murano style glass jewelry to add a classic compliment with an olive pendant and a two-tone amber bracelet. A dark blue flower necklace uses the color’s opposite to make a striking statement. Fun fashion jewelry includes a lime green necklace, floral prints, and multicolor brights.


Cantaloupe is a peachy orange, softer than the bright citrus color. This is a wonderful shade to work with because the variety of coordinating colors allows for endless possibilities. Pink, coral, peach, bronze, green, and brown accessorize cantaloupe in the picture with tiger’s eye and Murano style glass providing sophisticated matches while dyed shell adds fun jewelry. Large bronze pendants on necklaces add a high fashion look and coral spaced on multiple strands compliments with trendy jewelry.

Daiquiri Green

Daiquiri is a pale green shade, softer than sage. This refreshing color looks terrific with every shade of green and brown. Purples and violets are the opposite color. See the heart necklace pictured as a way to change the mood with fun jewelry. Green turquoise and dyed crystal quartz use classic jewelry to accessorize and the long necklace with butterscotch and green beading coordinate with trendy jewelry. Murano style glass in green hues dresses up the color while the layered silver plated necklace uses shades of brown for contrast.


Fashion jewelry for snorkel blue Snorkel blue is a few shades lighter than royal and goes nicely with almost all the colors in the palette. Turquoise and coral provide classic accessories using gemstone jewelry. Opalite’s translucent milky white lets the color show through. Silver plating, yellow, and shades of blue look spectacular with this color. Shell provides a summery feeling and the large capiz disks on the necklace shown do it in a fun way.

Silver Gray

Silver grey is a neutral that combines nicely with any color so choices are endless for accessories. Black and shades of grey are obvious matches shown in the picture with grey faux pearls and a jet black slide. Silver plating is stunning on this color. Midnight blue is rich and every color including brights can go with silver grey and set the mood for the ensemble. The color is often a neutral combined with other colors so accessories often match the coordinating color rather than grey.


As summer draws closer even brighter colors than the spring preview are popping up. Yellow is in the report, but apple green, orange, bright fuchsia, and turquoise are adding shocking bright colors to the existing palette. Find wholesale jewelry to go with these colors under Fashion Jewelry Sets and Shell Jewelry.