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Costume Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Trends: Fall 2006

The fall of 2006 is full of promise for an exciting season in costume jewelry and accessories. Color, bold designs, and classic looks are all in style and that's the ingredients that bring costume jewelry and fashion accessories to the center stage in the fashion arena.

Costume Jewelry Trends
The fall fashion trends in costume jewelry are ushering in such an abundance of flattering looks tht the old problem of what to wear will be replaced by the new problem of which to wear. Every personality will find something appealing in the array of colors, styles, and motifs this fall.

First the colors. There is a lot of buzz about "the new black". It will be important as grays and the deep colors in hues of red, purple, and blue. Also look for naturals in greens, browns, and coral shades.

Metal plating will run the gamut with a great deal of emphasis on gold. This fall will a major resurgence of gold plating from yellow gold to rose. But silver is too well entrenched to fall into obscurity. It will remain important, especially with the "new black" since silver and black make such as striking combination. Dark plating like gunmetal, hematite, and pewter will be widely used as well as antique gold and antique silver.

The styles are largely refinements and developments of the spring fashion line. Chunky necklaces, large beads, layered looks, and the new Victorian are all in. The classic look with natural components that flourished in the summer hasn't lost any momentum. Costume jewelry continues to incorporate semiprecious stones, woods, and even dark colored shell. Coral will be a big component and gemstones that compliment the fall color palette. Handmade and "one of a kind" looks, like wide hammered cuff bracelets or large semiprecious pendants, provide the classic look.

With the range of styles in fashion this season, natural components are only the beginning. Geometrics continue to thrive with bold ovals in bracelets and chains, as well as circles, rectangles, triangles, and about any other geometric imaginable.

The ultra-feminine look with ribbons, bows, and mesh used in jewelry, especially with large pearls, will compliment the lacey look in apparel. At the daring edge of design fabric will be incorporated into costume jewelry. Fabric wrapped beads are not new. They surfaced in the mid 1980s. But more extensive use of fabric in costume jewelry is new and it will be interesting to see if it will be accepted. There is no doubt that filigree jewelry will be accepted and will compliment the lace in apparel.

Victorian and vintage looks continue in spite of those that are writing their obituary. The Victorian era is too important and provides too much inspiration to be ignored. And in earrings, there is nothing to replace the elegance or beauty of chandeliers. Besides, what could better compliment the feminine look of lace than Victorian?

Inspirations for design are almost global, coming from Russia, Bohemia, India, and from Mexico to South America. Bold metal designs, encrusted stones, carved woods, elongated earrings with movement, and multiple strand necklaces will spring from these inspirations. But with so much input and so much output, the questions will be who inspired what?

With so much to choose from is there a central theme? The best answer would be a return to the classic look -- a look that appeals to all ages -- quality components, classic designs, and "one of a kind" looks. Cheap and superficial are out. Good taste is in.