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Costume Jewelry Trends: Fall 2007

Satellite and the internet are certainly globalizing everything including fashion in our high tech times. With so much input, fashion moves in endless directions. Previews on the runways show diversified trends in apparel for the fall that include preppy, animal prints, adapted men's styles, sleek black suggesting spy girls from the sixties, and royal inspiration from 16th Century English monarchs and 17th Century French. Where does this take the jewelry and accessories that will coordinate everything?

Inspiration for much of fall fashion comes from the 40's, 60's, and 80's as well as the 16th and 17th Centuries. Rapid innovation gives way to a reflective look at our roots with their values and history. Fashion jewelry and accessories join the classic look back that slows the rapid innovations and mad forward pace. Art, nature, and beauty set the hallmark for jewelry and accessories this fall.

Classic Jewelry Designs
Classic designs have inspired fashion jewelry over the last few seasons, but the fall of 2007 is not a rerun. Innovative design and unexpected materials surprise aesthetic senses with new found beauty. Gemstones like leopardskin agate, red agate (some call crab fire agate), and candy jade were unheard of in the near past. Glass continues to develop as an important contributor to exceptional design, especially Murano style glass that was a well kept secret for decades. Shell is no longer just for summer as dyed shell adds another important element for classic jewelry for the fall. Wood components have the brown tones that fit perfectly into the neutral color palette so prominent this fall. Dyed freshwater pearls add a color dimension with a classic component revered for centuries.

The necklace set takes the mantle from bracelets and earrings to become the most important jewelry accessory for the fall. Bold is the key for fall jewelry and length ranges from chunky chokers to waist-long layers. Pearls and beading skip on chain necklaces with gemstone and glass beads providing the classic look that will pop up in fashion magazines and department store showcases. Yes, pearls remain an important statement in the fall, especially dramatic sizes with color.

Mid-length necklaces make heavy use of gemstone and glass components to add excitement with fall colors. Fashion designs showcase the natural beauty of gemstone (both favorites and the unusual) and the captivating art of glass (especially Murano style glass) in artistic arrangements that deliver ravaging beauty in every shade of the fall palette.

Long necklaces use heavy link chains, layered chain with beading, and multiple strands with tassels. Bold chains supporting medallions and crests will answer the call for Empire looks. Shorter necklaces with swags of chain and beading will do the same. Dramatic jeweled bracelets and collars using acrylic and glass stones continue the backward glance to the lavish jewels of extravagant majestic courts.

Metals move beyond the Renaissance motif to provide 21st Century geometrics with ovals, squares, diamond shapes, and elongated rectangles, but circles trump everything as the most important geometric for fall. Everything from rhinestone to day wear is using the shape in inventive ways.

Plated metal jewelry is also providing fashion with meaning. The fast-paced “get ahead” drive of the 90's came to an abrupt halt with September 11th followed by the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. An outpouring of feeling for others stepped up. Fashion, like art and music, mirrors society. Fall fashion jewelry expresses the feelings with necklace sets and bracelets that carry a message. Expect jewelry engraved with words of hope, inspiration, friendship, and religious meaning to be wide spread in the fall.

Fashion Bracelets
Cuff bracelets are a natural for the falls' trend towards dramatic size. The lacey look of filigree and open basket weaves will be important with wide metal cuffs in smooth and textured finishes also good. Bold beading with semiprecious stones, ceramics, and Murano style glass will provide color. Multiples of narrow bangles make a bold statement as well as wide bracelets with several rows of small beading. Toggle bracelets continue to be popular and charm bracelets have a life of their own beyond fashion with themes that appeal directly to the heart.

Fashion Earrings
In earrings, hoops seem to be eternal and decorated hoops are the “now” look for the fall. Bold beaded drop earrings use glass, wood, gemstone, and ceramics to make a dramatic statement with color. Linear drops remain important as well as geometric dangles. And what can better provide the majesty to go with Renaissance themes than chandeliers? Fashion gurus have been quiet about this gorgeous look, but the high number of internet searches reveals they're in high standing with consumers.

Crystal Brooches
Large crystals brooches created a buying frenzy in the 2004 Christmas season. Since then they have flown under the radar with steady popularity. Expect the sparkling beauties back in a big way this fall as dramatic size jewelry collides with majestic Renaissance themes. What better expresses the lavish jeweled look of Renaissance royalty than these dazzling showpieces?

Fall fashion jewelry moves in countless directions that a few paragraphs can't capture, but there is a key to being on track. Take the high road this fall and give your artistic senses free rein because it is breath-taking beauty in classic jewelry that carries the season.