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20 Gift Ideas for Retailers

Happy Holidays

20 Gift Ideas for Retailers

B2B Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Ideas

The gift buying bonanza of Christmas comes once a year -- an event retailers don't want to miss.  What will be the perfect gift?  What will be irresistible to buyers?  Retailers strain their creativity to fine tune flawless selection.  Here are ideas to tweak your toes and awaken new avenues to success.  If your imagination runs off the page to find winners the list doesn't include this brain-teaser succeeds.

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1)  Classic Necklace Sets are the heir apparent to the throne of top selling fashion items this Christmas. Nothing seems to nudge fashion sets in Murano style glass, gemstone fashion jewelry, and high fashion necklace sets from first place. Here's the clear winner for fashion gifts this Christmas.

Dress Hat2)  Dress Hats -- Easter and Mother's Day see dress hats as a major gift item for many Moms and Grandmothers that preserve the elegant tradition for Sunday morning.  The fall flip-side is felt dress hats for Christmas.

Crystal Jewelry3)  Holiday Jewelry -- This gift wastes no time getting out of the box and on the neck.  New Year's is a week away.  Even if it isn't picked for gifts, holiday jewelry is a must for the New Year's celebrations that require rhinestone and crystal jewelry.

Hat Glove Scarf Sets4)  Cozy Hats, Scarves, and Gloves -- Temperatures are dipping with even more cold weather likely for January and February.  Cute hats and sets of hats, scarves, and gloves are practical gifts for frigid weather.

Gemstone Jewelry5)  Bracelets are the fashion item that places second behind necklace sets.  Options are endless, but gemstone bracelets offer real quality that is affordable.

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Everyone has something special they care about.  Give a gift that pulls that heart string and emotional appreciation rewards the giver.  Provide the themes to make the emotional connection.

Theme Pendant6)  Pendants offer a rich deposit of themes for gift giving.

Ties7)  Ties -- Make sure we don't leave out Dad.  Touch interests -- whether occupations, sports, or hobbies -- with the traditional gift of ties.

Charm Bracelet8)  Charm Bracelets express themes every age group appreciates -- daughter to grandmother.  Evolution of design brings this accessory for beyond the teeny-bopper jewelry of the sixties.  Today's charm bracelets range from youthful to refined for universal appeal. 

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New products play big in Christmas gifts every season.  Internet search statistics show this year is no exception.

Purse Hook9)  Purse Hooks were an alien word a year ago and now browsers dig on search engines for the novel fashion accessory that keeps a handbag safe and sanitary -- suspended close by from the table top.  Popular themes personalize this new idea for a thoughtful gift.

Key Ring Finder10)  Key Ring Finders replace digging in a handbag to find keys with a new decorative idea.  Key rings hook to the top of a handbag with keys safely inside and an adornment embellishing the outside of the bag.  Again themes personalize the gift.


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Think of the kiosks in a mall every Christmas.  Every season someone offers an unusual gift with irresistible attraction.  They get the business because no one else has it.  That's the power of unique gifts.  To jump start your creativity, here's three suggestions:

Sculptured Pewter Pen11)  Sculptured Pewter Pens provide writing instruments -- something that people need everyday.  But the pewter sculpture is uniquely beautiful and again themes make it personal.  Best of all, they're already boxed in stunning black velvet for an impressive Christmas presentation.

Cigar Box Purse12)  Cigar Box Purses are not new, but certainly hard to find.  Actually, this fashion accessory is so classic that the fashion trends don't affect it.  Most are embellished with pictures that pull heart strings.

Ceramic Wall Mask13)  Ceramic Wall Mask provide home décor that is no stranger to New Orleans, but very unique to the rest of the world.  Victorian, Venetian, and Mardi Gras designs put you in the driver's seat as the only supplier in most locations.

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Eliminate competition from the major retailers with items tailored to local interests.  This market is not only specialized, but also intensely attractive to local shoppers.

Theme Bracelet14)  Local School Themes have powerful attraction in every city of America.  Mascots and school colors are the heart of this market.  Pendants, earrings, and bracelets are the meat.

Fleur-de-lis Jewelry and Accessories15)  Fleur-De-Lis jewelry and accessories are the runaway leading local interest for Louisiana this Christmas.  An entire category provides items that exploded in popularity because of Hurricane Katrina.


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Some gifts are universal, yet specialized.  Sound like a contradiction?  Problem solved when you think of teachers -- a specific market needed in every location.  To find items in every category for a specific need, type the word in the search on site and a list will come up.

Theme Pendants16)  Theme Pendants -- No one category on our site provides all the items for a specific need like teachers or nurses, but theme pendants include some items for almost every facet of life.


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These are niche markets with powerful attraction based on a concentration of goods for a particular interest.  Think of this -- every Christmas season I shop at stores specializing in LSU gifts because some of my kids live and die for this team.  Patience is required for this specialty shopping because the store is packed.  Can you now see the importance of specialty markets?  Here's a few to jog the imagination:

Red Hat Jewelry17)  Red Hats & Jewelry appeal to club members that are fanatical about enjoying senior years and being part of the group.  When they are not shopping for themselves, friends and relatives are shopping to give the gifts that really mean something to this fun-loving group of ladies.

Inspirational Jewelry18)  Inspirational Jewelry provides meaning to those that understand Divine priorities.  They are the cement of society with helpful hands and examples of forgiveness.  Even the most unlikely are stirred with a little of this feeling and inspirational gifts and jewelry provide the most powerful thing that can be given.  My son gave me a card with a quote from Joshua -- "As for me and my family, we will follow the Lord."  It rests proudly on my dresser long after he forgot that he gave it.

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Ever notice how cards that say "Happy Birthday Mom" have more impact than just saying "Happy Birthday"?  Personal means a lot.  The giver realizes it and the receiver appreciates it.  Here's some unique gifts addressed to close members of family and friends.

Visor Clip19)  Visor Clips provide personal meaning that travels with the receiver.  They clip to the car visor holding important papers behind them as a constant reminder of the thoughtful giver.

Key Chain20)  Key Chains made of pewter in the USA carry a message for every member of the family plus the close circle beyond the family.  This meaningful gift is appreciated several times a day as a person reaches for their keys.

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