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Wholesale Costume Jewelry Trends:
Summer 2010

Trends in costume jewelry develop in long cycles gently nudged by events we experience in daily life and see on nightly news. Some call it zeitgeist and elements this summer encompass extended debt, fragile economies, the Euro zone, slow recovery, unemployment, volcanoes, earthquakes, and oil spills. Regardless, main street is posting nice increases that seem to show a return to normal. How is this reflecting in wholesale costume jewelry trends for the summer of 2010?

Flower NecklaceFirst, costume jewelry for summer bypasses the wall of worry with color and design that uplifts the spirit.  Flowers, birds, and butterflies bring a garden theme to fashion jewelry in size that is not for the timid.  Cluster necklaces and bold statements like flower blossoms in bright colors are in vogue this summer.  Dramatic necklaces and bracelets capture the look as well as bold pendants that can combine with a variety of chokers for innovative looks that let the customer be creative.

butterfly braceletThe garden theme also revives classic vintage designs from the Golden Age of Costume Jewelry. The era spanned the 1930s to the 1960s—times that included The Great Depression and World War II. The most spectacular designs in the history of jewelry surfaced during these intense years. Fabulous work with sculptured metals, enamels, and crystals flourished from distinguished jewelry houses like Juliana, Eisenberg, Miriam Haskell, Coro, Trifari, and more, proving the resilience of the human spirit. The bold bracelets, necklace sets, and chandelier earrings are back, magically relieving modern day tensions.

anchor pendantSea life and nautical themes also return this summer with the spectator colors of navy, black, white, and red—colors that are never gone for long. Fish, anchors, ships wheels and every nautical image is back with them. Count on nautical costume jewelry to uplift resort wear.

Color doesn’t stop with themes. Bold beading or long swinging chains with colored bead stations deliver a splash of fun that easily accessorizes an outfit.  Think global with beaded necklaces.  Yes inspiration comes together in the summer of 2010 from cultures as diverse as South America, Africa, and the American Southwest.

Orange necklaceCostume jewelry and accessories this summer are not bashful about colors. Pantone introduced their spring palette with a mix of brights and neutrals that had turquoise at the top followed by tomato puree (slightly subdued red). Since then Accessories Magazine has hailed orange, Mary McGarry, our blog author, pointed out yellow’s dominance, and Accessories Magazine returned with turquoise. All of this is shaping up to a Caribbean palette with colors that are bright and fun.

turquoise necklaceWith turquoise leading the color palette, we can expect another season with the semi precious stone being very dominant. Look for chunky designs that incorporate turquoise as well as coral in necklace sets as well as in hot and stylish bracelets. Much of the turquoise in the market today is reconstituted and the coral dyed, but the look and feel is still hot. Retailers often stock up on this product to meet the demand.

agate necklace setAgate and jasper offers more gemstone jewelry uptrending this summer.  Supply may be a little scarce because both are around 7 in hardness on the mohs scale, which is hard to cut, polish, and drill.  That is sending the price up and scaring off some wholesalers.  Nevertheless, the rage for gemstone fashion jewelry continues through the summer and semi precious jewelry is a sophisticated way to pick up color along with shell jewelry.

geometric braceletEven with color hot in costume jewelry trends this summer, retailers may have trouble finding suppliers. The caution of retailers has spilled over to wholesalers, who feel safer with plated costume jewelry. The logic is you never go wrong with gold and silver. Necklace sets, bracelets, and earrings in gold or silver plating will indeed be hot this summer also. Again, looks for bold designs, especially in geometrics, as well as long swinging chains. Circles and ovals are back in a big way.

inspirational braceletPlated jewelry opens up another tangent in costume jewelry trends--inspirational jewelry. The most familiar is religious themes with engraved scripture verses. Bracelets, pendants, and necklaces are plated and then engraved with key verses from Scripture. Other jewelry uses inspiring words like friends, love, hope, smile, dream, or wish. Something new is engraved text message abbreviations like t2yl for talk to you later. The major development this season is size with cutout inspirational words so big you can red them in the dark. But this is fashion on the edge. The safe bet is classic design with wide appeal because everyone wants sell through in this climate.

The main stream of fashion trends in wholesale costume jewelry in the summer of 2010 is genuine and uplifting. Gemstone components and dyed shell add an element of nature to jewelry design that is classic and classic seems timeless as it continues to dominate trends. Genuine feeling is further enhanced by inspirational jewelry that comers from the heart.  But trends in costume jewelry this summer go a step further.  Jewelry accessories lift the spirits by adding a little something new that often transforms outfits already in the closet.  And these little something new pieces relay a happiness with color and uplifting design that temporarily distracts from today’s serious surroundings. Finally, summer jewelry trends offer bold looks and long swinging designs in plated metals as a safe haven in a fragile economy.  Jewelry accessories this summer will be an important element of retail because new looks can be achieved at small cost by just adding a necklace set.