Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler

As the finishing touch on a total look, fashion jewelry reflects the style of the time period in which it's worn. Developed in the 1930s, fashion pieces--also known as costume jewelry--were inexpensive items selected to match a particular outfit without having any long-term value. Created during the Depression Era, many of these pieces were cheap and whimsical, offering a break from seriousness and financial despair.

The 1940s saw a boom in costume-jewelry making, as audiences sought to dress and accessorize like flashy film stars. Fashion was in demand, and there were over 900 United States companies making costume jewelry. Continuing from the 1950s through today, costume designs have allowed women from all walks of life to purchase jewelry without being prohibited by cost.

Today, many of the most artistic vintage pieces are making a comeback. While true vintage jewelry can be costly, companies are reproducing reasonably priced replicas of some pieces, mimicking the styles of the early to mid 1900s. More contemporary 21st-century styles range from flashy and flamboyant to elegant reproductions of fine gemstones and gold.

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