Fashion Brooches

Fashion brooches have made a surprising come-back in the last year. What might have been a fleeting trend has turned into a full-out rage that's caught the fancy of women everywhere. As a retailer, you can take advantage of this new market with fashion brooches from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. These brooches are affordably priced with great mark-up potential!

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers a huge variety of styles. Of course vintage looks are big, because so many people have unearthed antique brooches that have been passed down for generations. If someone hasn't inherited a brooch or simply wants variety and options in her wardrobe, you can offer vintage style brooches at contemporary discount prices.

Bold and chunky brooches are quite popular. You also can't go wrong with sparkle. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has all of these trends represented with dramatic pieces, lots of rhinestones, crystals in all colors, and lustrous pearls. There are Art Deco styles, Art Nouveau pieces, and Edwardian gems, as well as seasonal, holiday, novelty, and a number of pretty and feminine styles like delicate flowers and gem clusters that are suitable for anyone, any time.

As a shop owner, make certain to display your favorite brooches on black velvet, or show customers how they look on the lapel of a coat. You can also put them on hats, on t-shirts, on men's style button downs, and on bags. If you run a bridal shop, be sure to point out what great bridesmaids' gifts brooches make, as well.