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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a catalog?

What is the minimum order?

How long does it take to ship?

Are prices wholesale?

How much is freight?

Do you ship international?

I didnít receive everything. Do you ship backorders?

I purchased over $200 and freight charges are shown on my confirmation.

Can you check availability before I order?

Can I receive a sample first?

Do You Drop Ship?

We no longer have a print catalog. Go to the website. There are over 5,000 items up and the site is updated almost everyday.

What is the minimum order?
Minimum order is $100.00. Most items can be bought in any quantity unless marked as sold by the dozen.

Shipping time depends on the volume of orders and the availability of inventory. Most orders are shipped in one to four days. Orders with "must have" items will take longer if the item is out of stock. Orders ship by UPS in the continental US and they determine the freight. If items are needed immediately, select one of the air freight methods (next day air, second day air, third day select). These orders are pulled and shipped by the next working day if inventory is in stock. Make sure to include a number where you can be reached in the event there any problems. This is the normal procedure, but circumstances can change the processing of an order.

Prices shown are wholesale. Some items have a quantity discount which will show up when you click on the image. All orders over $200 receive free ground freight. Orders over $500 receive an additional 5% discount.

Freight is determined by UPS on orders shipped in the US. An estimate is given at checkout, but this is only an estimate because the site cannot determine the size of a box. On air freight, these estimates may be much higher than the actual freight will be if the box is small. Freight is charged manually and not by the estimate given at checkout.

We ship international via UPS and the freight is whatever UPS charges. If the site does not take the order, contact us to see if the country can be added to the eligible country list.  If you need any help, contact us.

We do not ship backorders because the time needed to ship numerous boxes with a few pieces would cause a serious delay in all shipping and shops would be upset receiving a few pieces with a freight charge that would consume their profit. Businesses include the items on their next order. Your credit card is charged as the last step before an order ships and you are only charged for the items that are shipped. The site is a very large site with over 5,000 items so some items are always running out. However, over 90% are in stock at any time. We remove items from the web site as soon as a manufacturer notifies us that the item is discontinued. We also remove items if the manufacturer takes an extremely long time to deliver. New items go up every week and this helps to keep the site current.

The freight charge will show on your confirmation, but the confirmation does not charge the card. The card is charged manually as the last step before your shipment leaves. We do not have a way to keep the charge from appearing on the confirmation, but you will not be charged freight on orders over $200.

We make every effort to ship in a timely manner and normally do not have time to check the availability of items. If it is only a few items that you are concerned about, email the request and we will do our best to check the items.

Sorry, we normally do not have time to send samples, but we have an easy minimum of $75.00 which enables shops to purchase a small amount to see a particular item or the general quality of our merchandise.

Sorry, we donít drop ship.

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