Discount Tiaras

If your retail establishment offers tiaras to complement formalwear or pageant attire, you should take a look at the discount tiaras available from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. Several publications for formalwear and bargain shopping have highlighted these lovely pieces, both for their aesthetic appeal and great prices. You simply will not find better looks, or more of them, in the same price range from other merchants.

The most popular tiaras are those that are appropriate for bridal fashions, which means you'll find that the majority of tiaras are adorned with rhinestones and/or pearls. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers everything from delicate tiara combs that will add just a hint of elegance and sparkle to a headpiece to majestic coronets that will make a bride feel like a princess for the day. These pieces are easy and fun to sell, and you can place them with confidence in your window display or on black velvet or satin in your display case.

Discount tiaras are also a wonderful option if you're operating in a market with a large number of prom shoppers. Young women attending proms often want to save money but also want to be fully bedecked in the manner of their fantasies. You can offer tiaras from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. as well as evening bags, gloves, brooches, and other accessories that girls would otherwise not be able to afford. At the low prices you'll find from Accessory Wholesale, Inc., you can still mark up these pieces 200 percent and make prom-goers' dreams come true at a price they can afford.

If you are selling tiaras in a market that is geared toward the pageant world, you should also take a look at the scepters available from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. These rhinestone pieces are truly spectacular, and will be coveted by pageant girls as well as dancers. Combined with one of the glittering and dramatic pageant style tiaras, you'll have an ensemble that makes a highly desirable prize.