Discount Costume Jewelry

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is a fantastic source for discount costume jewelry online. Retailers from all over the world have discovered the treasure trove available on their site, and everyone is able to find a different selection of jewelry that is perfectly suited to his or her establishment. The site is so easy to navigate that you'll never be overwhelmed by the more than 7,000 pieces available.

Costume jewelry can enjoy tremendous success in any market and in any season. Some of the pieces from Accessory Wholesale, Inc. are geared toward specific occasions or holidays--for example, they have a huge specialty selection of Mardi Gras apparel, as well as quite a variety of bridal accessories. But for women who want to wear striking jewelry every day of the year, there are also thousands of pieces from which to choose.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has a $75 minimum for orders, but that gives you a few options for how to select and order discount costume jewelry. If you're not sure which pieces will sell best in your store or boutique, just order one or two of a variety of pieces. In addition, you can order different items in any quantities you desire.

Some retailers may be interested in the category of costume jewelry closeouts. These items are available at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere--typically under cost. You'll find all types of pieces--earrings, sets, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches--that can make profits of several hundred percent, though supplies are limited and you may want to make stocking decisions accordingly.