Crazy Hats

Crazy hats are an essential part of Mardi Gras attire. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. is located in the heart of New Orleans, and they know Mardi Gras! If you are a retailer looking for a selection of crazy hats that will get revelers into the partying spirit, trust Accessory Wholesale, Inc. to provide you with a selection that will sell.

Any hat with "psychedelic" in the name is sure to be a success. Let people know that you have the most extreme Mardi Gras fashions with an attention-grabbing window display. The psychedelic mad hatter novelty hat, the psychedelic wide brim party hat, the fluorescent leopard print novelty hat, and the animal print newsboy novelty hat are all sure to capture attention if hung where passers-by will see them.

Accessory Wholesale, Inc. also has the lowest prices on all the best varieties of crazy polyester hats. These hats can be like wearable pieces of non-representational art. Bold colors, geometric patterns, and silly spikes and bells adorn hats of all styles.

While some of these hats really are designed with once-a-year festivities like Mardi Gras in mind, others may be fun year round. For Halloween and other costume-friendly occasions, you can choose a pirate hat, jester hat, princess hat, or animal head hat. If you run a retail establishment in a college town, you should definitely consider offering fun and crazy hats, as you have one of the most receptive demographic groups living right there.