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How to Find the Costume Jewelry Category you Want - Accessory Wholesale - costume jewelry  
You will find an extensive selection of costume jewelry at Accessory Wholesale Inc. The main categories are fashion jewelry sets, bracelets, pendants, earrings, chokers, charms, and  pins. The site contains some costume jewelry that is promotionally priced, and even greater bargains can be found under closeouts, but the vast majority of the site is wholesale fashion jewelry at a moderate price, appropriate for boutiques.

Locate the style of jewelry that you are looking for by using the
menu on the left of each page. Bargains are found under Costume Jewelry Closeouts. An excellent profit margin can be made in some of these goods, but if your customer base is searching for the latest fashion items, this section may not be for you. High fashion, theme, trendy, religious, and tasteful costume jewelry are found under Fashion Jewelry. This category contains the fastest selling casual jewelry. Our manufacturers include some of the top producers of quality fashion jewelry, such as Best, that produces each pendant, earring, and bracelet with the same precision that goes into fine jewelry. The result is a very affordable piece of costume jewelry that looks identical to pendants, earrings, and bracelets done in precious metals.

Locating Fashion Jewelry with the Menu or the Search
At the present time there are over 2,500 items in the fashion jewelry category. All of these costume jewelry items can be accessed from the menu on the left of every page. For example, to view stretch bracelets, click on "fashion jewelry" in the menu on the left. A sub-menu will appear with all the different fashion jewelry items. Select "bracelets--stretch" and you will see over 300 stretch bracelets. With over 2,500 costume jewelry items on the site, the sub-menus are necessary in order to break up the costume jewelry into smaller categories. There is a - Accessory Wholesale - costume jewelry
search on the site located in the dark blue bar towards the top of every page. If you are looking for a particular costume jewelry theme, click on the search and type the word in. For example, if a local school has a tiger mascot, go to search and type in "tiger" and a number of costume jewelry items will come up in this theme. Costume jewelry in school colors can also be located. Type in "school" and a number of fashion jewelry items in different school colors will appear.

Matching Pendants and Earrings
The pendant and earring line by Best is very popular, especially on the East Coast. To find the pendants go to "fashion jewelry" in the menu on the left. Select "fashion pendants" or "fashion pendants--theme" from the sub-menu.  These two categories contain over 500 pendants and most of the pendants have matching earrings. The pendant codes start with "PD". The matching earrings use the same number and start with "FS". So, if you select the pendant, PD426, and want to find the matching earring quickly, go to search and type in FS426 and the matching earring will come up. If chokers are needed to complete the costume jewelry look, go to the menu and select "fashion jewelry chokers" under the "fashion jewelry" category.

Costume Jewelry Descriptions - Accessory Wholesale - costume jewelry  
We are currently in the process of putting more detailed descriptions on all the costume jewelry items. The descriptions give important information including dimensions. The word "stamping" is used often in the descriptions of fashion jewelry by Best. This refers to the labor intense process used in sterling where an item is stamped with a press from a thin sheet of metal, giving it a three dimensional look, and then a back is cut to size and soldered on the piece. The result is a fashion jewelry item that looks identical to sterling, but at costume
jewelry prices. Over a thousand items are included on the site that are made by “Best Brand” with this technique. Most of these pieces are theme jewelry that can fill niche markets and can be located by using the search.

Victorian & Vintage Costume Jewelry Designs
There is a growing interest today in vintage jewelry and Victorian jewelry. Many costume jewelry designs are reproducing this fashion look. As the descriptions develop, they will point these items out and give information on the eras that inspired the fashion jewelry.  The late period in Victorian jewelry had a strong interest in the art and beauty of jewelry rather than its intrinsic value. The jewelry presented in this site is not precious metals and stones. It is costume jewelry, and the value of costume jewelry is art. The exciting aspect is that fashion jewelry can produce a fashion statement, or reproduce an era in history, all at an affordable price.


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