Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings never go out of style. Currently, they are more popular then ever, and all of the top jewelry designers are offering dramatic and flirty chandelier earrings in all manner of styles. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has connections with suppliers all over the world and has brought together a selection of the most elegant and affordable chandeliers you'll find anywhere.

Chandelier and duster earrings are popular options in fashion jewelry and costume jewelry as well as in fine jewelry. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. has a great many clients in the industry who sell bridal and formal jewelry, and chandelier earrings are some of their biggest sellers. At the prices from Accessory Wholesale, Inc., retailers can easily enjoy a 300 percent markup (or more) by positioning these pieces as fantasy jewelry for weddings, proms, and the like.

In fact, even in a variable market, rhinestone and pearl chandelier earrings remain top sellers. This is precisely because of their popularity as wedding jewelry and formalwear. Accessory Wholesale, Inc. offers a variety of styles, so that you will be certain to offer one that appeals to almost any bride. If you stick with classics like rhinestones and pearls, too, you can craft a lovely display on a countertop or on a shelf lined with black velvet or satin.

You may opt for simple dusters or dangling earrings with a single pearl hanging on a delicate chain. For a glamorous look that will catch every eye, consider something with an art-deco flavor, as the architectural complexities of Art Deco are perfectly suited to multi-tiered chandelier designs. You should also consider stocking at least a few pairs of clip earrings for the benefit of women who do not have pierced ears.