What do you want from a bridal tiaras distributor? Here's what we think a wedding tiaras distributor should do for you. The best bridal tiaras distributor will have a wide range of options in wholesale rhinestone, pearl and crystal tiaras. A bridal tiaras distributor should offer good quality merchandise at budget-conscious prices. A wedding tiaras distributor should allow you to make your selections freely, rather than requiring you to buy large quantities of a single item. A distributor should offer money-saving discounts and free shipping for larger orders.

We Want to Be Your Bridal Tiaras Distributor

At Accessory Wholesale, we meet all these criteria. We offer an extensive collection of crystal tiaras in a wide variety of styles, from Celtic designs to art deco to intertwined hearts.

We offer a range of price points, too, from a satin scrolled headpiece for less than $10 to more elaborate pieces that cost over $100. By far the greatest number of our offerings are in the lower price range, generally under $25. Keeping prices low for bridal accessories is smart marketing, since many brides spend the majority of their budget on large-ticket items like the gown and the reception. Financially strapped fiancees will appreciate being able to keep their costs down on smaller items.

We don't require you to buy multiples of a single item, either. Our minimum order is only $75, which can be assorted as you choose. You can save even more with larger orders, since we provide free shipping on orders over $200 and an extra five percent discount on orders over $500.