After spending hours selecting a wedding gown, it's important for brides to find the perfect piece of costume jewelry to complete their elegant attire. Opting to save the money they would have spent on precious gems, many brides are choosing economical fashion jewels to accent their gowns. Simulated pearls, cubic zirconia (CZ), rhinestones and faux gemstones provide the dazzle needed for the big day without putting couples over their budgets.

Costume Jewelry Options for Brides

Attractive bridal choices include:

  • Simulated pearls: Offering the satin sheen to rival their authentic counterparts, pearls are a bridal tradition.
  • Cubic zirconia: Widely used as a diamond simulant, CZ is an affordable, durable gem that provides sparkle and shine to wedding jewelry.
  • Rhinestones are diamond simulants made of rock crystal or glass. Tiny rhinestones are often added to reflect the light in a pendant or earring set.
  • Faux gemstones: Made from glass or resin, these costume gems are the budget version of amethysts, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or any other precious stone.

When combined, these costume elements make beautiful pieces that offset gowns, veils and bridal gloves. For under $150, brides can purchase an accessory set that includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and even a tiara.

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